Cutting Clay With Slice

Why Slice Is Perfect for Ceramic Art

There are many great qualities that Slice tools have, but here are some important ones for ceramic art.

  • No Rust

    Clay is wet, so traditional blades rust. Slice blades never rust.

  • No Oil Coating

    Traditional knives have oil on the them, which can cause issues when firing clay. Slice blades have no oil coating, so will never mess your firing.

  • Last for Many Years

    Slice tools are built for industrial usage. Slice blades last 11.2 times longer than traditional. They don't rust. All these factors ensure that Slice tools will last your many many years.

  • Easy and Safe to Wash

    Slice tools are easy to wash. And last, but not least, Slice finger-friendly® blades are safe to the touch, so when you work with or wash Slice blades, your risk of injury is greatly reduced.

Slice Tools Used for Ceramic Art

To achieve the desired effect, try different Slice tools and blades. With their durability, Slice tools will last for years, so you can keep creating.

  • Craft Knives

    • Craft Knife, SKU # 10548

    • Craft Knife With Safety Cap, SKU # 10589

    Both tools come with the same blade installed: Craft Blades (Straight Edge, Rounded Tip), SKU # 10518, and are also compatible with the Pointed Tip option (SKU # 10519), Chisel Blades (SKU #s 10534 & 10535), Curved Edge blade (SKU # 10520), Seam Ripper blades (Rounded Tip SKU # 10536 and Pointed Tip SKU # 10537.)

    The advantage of the Craft Knife With Safety Cap is the safety cap can never be lost as it's attached to the handle, which keeps your workspace more organized.

  • Scalpel & Seam Ripper

    • Scalpel, SKU # 10568

    • Manual Seam Ripper, SKU # 10596

    Scalpel's narrow profile allows you to work in tight spaces. It's compatible with all types of our craft blades, just like our craft knives.

    The Manual Seam Ripper comes with two Seam Ripper Blades: one with a rounded tip (SKU # 10536) already installed and another with a pointed tip (SKU # 10537) located in a compartment on the packaging. These blades are shaped like a hook, making them useful in ceramic art for cutting out shapes.

  • Tools With Longer Blades

    • Deburring Tool, SKU # 10482

    • Manual Utility Knife, SKU # 10550

    These tools are helpful for less precise work, such as cutting large pieces of clay.

    The Deburring Tool is compatible with Slice’s convex (SKU # 10483 which is installed by default) and concave (SKU # 10484) deburring blades.

    Manual Utility Knife comes with SKU # 10526 blade installed, and is also compatible with the Pointed Tip option (SKU # 10528.)

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