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  • "I'm a box-opening black belt with this thing." 


  • "A must when it comes to safety. Five stars." 


  • "With all the shipments I get, this has made breaking down boxes so much easier." 


The Cure for Wrap Rage

Keys, scissors, and pens aren’t made to open shipping boxes. These are 

Our Safety Is in the Blade

Our tools are safer than traditional knives because we’ve redesigned the blade itself. We refused to accept the conventional thinking that a cutting tool must be dangerous - so we created a range of highly effective safety tools with finger-friendly blades.

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Experience Safety, Redefined


Founded With a Mission

Slice was founded by TJ Scimone in 2008 to help fund long-term care for his autistic son, and we donate a minimum 1% of all corporate profits to global research programs that support families and individuals living with autism.