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The Slice® Scalpel gives you precision and versatility, keeps your workforce safe, and is ideal for working in tight spaces. The scalpel’s finger-friendly® blades are the safest you’ll find in the workplace because they are safe to the touch, so cause fewer and less severe injuries than traditional blades. Plus, a safety cap additionally protects your workforce. This tool is compatible with craft, seam ripper, and chisel blades, making it highly versatile as it covers many applications, including scraping. The handle is lightly weighted for balance and stability, has a textured, anti-slip grip for added control, and the slim profile allows users to work in tight spaces. Furthermore, it’s made from durable reinforced nylon, making it an ideal tool for industrial use. The scalpel is suitable for left- and right-handed workers, and the no-tool blade change mechanism saves time and further reduces injury risk.

  • Finger-friendly® blade is the only safety blade on the market
  • Attachable safety cap for additional protection
  • Compatible with multiple blade options for versatility
  • Slim profile for working in tight spaces
  • Textured anti-slip control grip
  • Durable reinforced nylon handle built for industrial use
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed workers
  • Simple and quick no-tool blade change
  • Non-conductive blade for added safety
  • Chemically inert blade that never rusts
  • Slice® blades last 11.2x longer than traditional blades

Great for:

  • Manipulating laboratory samples
  • Precise electronics activity
  • Scraping with chisel blade

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0.67 in

Material: GFN, carbon steel, PP, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 5.49 in x W0.39 in x H0.2 in

Weight: 0.04 lb

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What Is a Scalpel Used For?

Usually we associate scalpels with surgical procedures but in Slice’s version, the ceramic scalpel blades have a safety grind—our proprietary finger-friendly edge—that resists cutting skin. So while ultra-sharp metal and other ceramic blades cut through skin and tissue with very little pressure, Slice blades are intended for non-surgical applications. These include electronics work, manufacturing, laboratory work, and crafting applications.

For non-surgical uses, an excessively sharp blade is really just a safety hazard. Slice scalpels offer a safer alternative that protects against accidental lacerations and offers the same benefits as other advanced ceramics: a non-magnetic, non-conductive, non-sparking, chemically inert blades that never rust.

What Kind of Scalpel Blades Are Available?

We offer a variety of shapes for our craft knife blades, which are all compatible with the 10568 scalpel. These include the 10518 blade with a straight edge and rounded tip and the 10520 blade with a curved edge and rounded tip. Because scalpel blade uses include a number of different materials and maneuvers, we’re currently working on several new blade styles to extend the versatility of our craft knives and 10568 scalpel. We expect to have these in stock by early 2018.

How Do I Change The Blade in the Slice Ceramic Scalpel?

Usually a search for how to replace scalpel blades results in a number of different procedures with various tools: forceps, safety gloves, tweezers, etc. The 10568 scalpel handle has a built-in no-tool mechanism to release the old blade and insert the new one. And because the blade is finger friendly, the risk of a cut while replacing blades is extremely low.

How Does the Slice 10568 Scalpel Differ From the 10548 Craft Knife?

Let’s talk about similarities first. Both tools are intended for intricate cutting, scraping, and other detailed work. Both have a slim, weight-balanced handle for fine motor control and both use the same family of Slice blades (the 10518 and 10520, although more styles will be available in 2018). And both tools have a cutting depth of approximately two centimeters.

The main difference between the tools is that our scalpel handle size and shape provide more maneuverability in very tight spaces. The handle is slimmer than the 10548 handle and flat rather than rounded, allowing it to reach into even smaller areas. The 10568 handle is made entirely from durable glass-filled nylon with a notched collar to provide a better grip, while the 10548 Craft Knife features a copper textured control grip.