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Chisel Blades

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Slice® Chisel Blades are compatible with the Slice Craft Knives and Scalpel. They’re perfect for detailed and precise arts and crafts projects, removing small labels, or scraping smaller surfaces. A unique finger-friendly® design means the blades are safe to the touch and, because they’re also non-conductive, are ideal for laboratory or electronics workers. Additionally, these chemically-inert blades never rust and don’t have an oil coating, so are significantly less likely to contaminate your materials. Each blade in this pack of four is highly durable, lasting on average 11.2x longer than traditional blades.

  • Finger-friendly® blade is the only safety blade on the market
  • Designed for precision chiseling
  • Non-conductive blade for added safety
  • Slice® blades last 11.2x longer than traditional blades
  • Chemically inert blade that never rusts
  • No oil coating
  • Pack of 4 blades so you can use with multiple tools or keep spares

Great for:

  • Detailed arts and crafts
  • Scraping smaller surfaces
  • Manipulating laboratory samples
  • Precise electronics activity

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 1.3 in x W0.32 in x H0.04 in

Weight: 0.02 lb

Sell Sheet


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  • Cutting Copper Foil: It’s Easy With Slice Tools
  • Blade Replacement for Slice Craft Tool Handles

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What Are Chisel Blades Made From?

Traditionally, chisels are made from a metal such as tempered steel. While the angles may vary, the blade edges are typically bevelled, allowing for a thinner point of contact on an otherwise thick blade. This allows the user to exert a fair bit of force on the chisel, either by hand for detailed work, or with a mallet for larger scale chiselling. It also wears down the edge over time, meaning anyone working with steel should know how to sharpen chisel blades.

Slice safety ceramics—made from 100 percent zirconium oxide—last up to 11 times longer than steel, so it’s unlikely you’ll need to sharpen your Slice blade any time soon. Even if you could (our blades are sharpened on diamond wheels), we don’t recommend sharpening our blades because you won’t be able to achieve our safer finger-friendly® edge at home.

How Easily Do Slice Chisels Break?

In order to achieve our safer finger-friendly grind, we use a thicker blade than most steel blades, and a material that’s much harder than steel. For this reason, our blades are very strong when used properly. In the case of chisels, as long as the blade is used to scrape or push materials, it’s very unlikely to break. If you subject the blade to a side load, it may break as it’s not designed for this kind of pressure. But then, no chisel is. As far as shattering, advanced ceramics are extremely unlikely to shatter when dropped. Read more about this in our FAQ: Do Slice Ceramic Safety Blades Break Easily?

Which Slice Handles Are Compatible With the Chisel Blades?

Our blades are made for precision chiselling and are therefore compatible with most of our precision knife handles. The 10534 blades work with our 10568 scalpel and our 10548 and 10589 craft handles. Because of the slot angle, these blades are not compatible with the 10580 Precision Knife.