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Das Slice 10548 Bastelmesser ist das ideale Werkzeug zum präzisen Schneiden und Bearbeiten von Materialien. Seine Sicherheitsklinge aus Keramik ist funkenfrei, chemisch inert, hitzestabil bis 1600°C, rostet nicht und benötigt keine Ölbeschichtung. Die strukturierte Oberfläche des Griffs bietet ein hohes Maß an Kontrolle, sodass Sie mit diesem Präzisionsmesser akkurate Schnitte ausführen und auch komplizierte Formen ausschneiden können. Sein beidhändiges und rutschfestes Design bietet Balance und Stabilität. Das Modell 10548 wird inklusive einer 10518 Keramik-Sicherheitsklinge mit gerade Kante und abgerundeter Spitze geliefert. Durch unseren patentierten Schliff werden Verletzungen der Haut vermieden.

  • Klingentyp: gerade Kante, abgerundete Spitze
  • Rutschfester Griff mit strukturierter Oberfläche
  • Passende Klingen: 10518, 10519, 10520, 10532, 10534, 10535, 10536, 10537
  • Sicherheitsklinge, die 11x länger scharf bleibt
  • Minimiertes Verletzungsrisiko, geringere Kosten
  • Funkenfreie, nicht leitende Klinge
  • Eine Keramikklinge (abgerundet) inklusive
  • Beidhändig verwendbar
  • Werkzeugloser Klingentausch
  • Weniger Klingenwechsel = weniger Verletzungen
  • Art.-Nr. 10548


12.7 mm (10518 replacement blade) / varies by blade
17.18 g
L 163.0 x W 11.0 x H 11.8 mm
GFN, brass, PP, zirconium oxide


Date Score Customer Comment Company Comment
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I've been a crafter for over forty years. I've used all kinds of knives. The SLICE blades are far and away better than any of the "standard" blades I've used in the past. I can hardly wait to try the new styles.
Product was good, employees like the product.
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Feels great in the hand, nicely weighted
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Works like it is supposed to- good for stencil cutting.
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using this knife to cut Press blankets. Company is improving on safety issues, and we feel that the Ceramic blade is safer for operators than the old metal retractable knives with sharp metal blades. This knife is still in the experimental stage. So far it is meeting our needs.
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Only used a time or two, but so far it's great. Cuts through thick card stock easily.
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Only thing I would like to see is a larger pack of blades for purchase with having so many facilities and individuals in the event of having to change a blade on several knives at once it will take a lot of 4 packs
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Great tool for our use in cutting and segmenting friable rock segments for trace metal analysis. They provide high accuracy and ease in addition to low contamination rates.
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The knife itself is a decent product, but one of the blades broke when an assembler at my plan took the knife out of its packaging. This could have been because they were too rough with it, but I still feel the blade should not be in the open positioning while inside the packaging, since issues like this can happen & it's a potential safety hazard (this method of packaging is standard for these types of knives, but most knives are metallic). To solve this, Slice could just package the craft knife with the blade inside of it, and print a life-sized picture of the blade where the blade would be exposed. This way, the product is protected, doesn't produce a safety hazard, and customers can still see what the blade looks like before opening the package.

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