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セラミック替刃(鋭角 ロングブレード)

  • セラミック替刃 (鋭角刃先・ユーティリティー)
  • Utility Knife Blades With Pointed Tips - Features
  • セラミック替刃(鋭角 ロングブレード)
  • Slice 10528 Utility Knife Blades  - Compatible Handles
  • セラミック替刃(鋭角 ロングブレード)
  • セラミック替刃(鋭角 ロングブレード)
 SKU #10528


Slice 10528 セラミック替刃(鋭角 ロングブレード)は穴を開ける裁断が可能な鋭角刃です。全てのSliceセラミック製安全刃同様、当社の10528替刃はノンスパーク、非磁性、不活性、摂氏1600℃まで安全で、決して錆びません。この替刃はSlice ユーティリティーナイフの全モデルに対応します。

  • 刃の種類: 鋭角、交換可能
  • 両刃3枚パック
  • 対応ツール: 10550, 10554, 10558, 10562, 10591, 10593, 10585
  • 指に優しい刃は切れが11倍持続
  • ケガを減らし、経費を節減
  • ノンスパーク、非伝導性、非磁性
  • 摂氏1600℃まで安全
  • 不活性、決して錆びません
  • 刃の交換にツールは不要
  • 刃の交換回数が少ない = ケガが少ない
  • SKU #10528


L 65.0 x W 12.0 x H 1.3 mm
zirconium oxide
4.8 g


4.5 / 5
11 レビュー
  • Gini
    Jul 15, 2019
    Once again, safety is a main priority for our company and the ceramic blades are awesome
  • charles magee
    Dec 03, 2018
    Blades did work fine for the material we needed to cut. I do not think any of the tools or blades would have worked well at all if we had needed to cut actual flooring products. Not a knock on your product, though. We were just faced with an unusual situation.
  • omar kamal
    Aug 06, 2018
    it was very good.the blades that i ordered were the right ones
  • Christy Beenenga
    Apr 17, 2018
    High quality item - excellent packaging
  • Larry Longstreth
    Apr 17, 2018
    This product was good for our purpose
  • Catherine Scott
    Apr 16, 2018
    Sharp enough for the job; not too sharp for hurting you.
  • Deborah Mahan
    Apr 02, 2018
    I did see above - does NOT cut well
    1 reply
    • Hi Deborah,Thanks for your review. We’d love to help you out. Can you let us know what material you were cutting? 
      We find that most issues can be addressed with better training on how to use the tools and what to expect from the blades. If we can learn a little more about your application, we’re confident we can get you cutting safely and efficiently. Sometimes a different blade tip is needed; sometimes the user is inadvertently holding the handle incorrectly. 
      Our blades cut most of the same materials as traditional steel blades, and are successfully installed in thousands of manufacturing facilities around the globe—they’re used by more than half the Fortune 1000. And while our main motive is safety, we work hard to ensure that we don’t sacrifice efficiency or quality in our design. 
      If you could provide a detailed account of the material you’re cutting, or, even better, a photo or video of the cutting, we can help you pinpoint the issue and find a solution. Thank you! 
      Cindy Romero
      from Slice, Inc.
      Apr 09, 2018
  • Brigid Marsh
    Feb 18, 2018
    Ceramic blades are working really well as an alternative to craft knives.
  • Trusted Customer
    Aug 28, 2017
    This product is very easy to use, handles well when opening boxes.
    Dec 29, 2016
    Items are a little pricing but very safe to use.


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