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Lame multiuso (punta arrotondata)

  • Lame multiuso (punta arrotondata)
  • Utility Blades with Rounded Tips - Features
  • Lame multiuso (punta arrotondata)
  • Lame multiuso (punta arrotondata)
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Le lame multiuso (punta arrotondata) Slice 10524 sono ideali per lavori manuali come aprire confezioni in plastica sigillate o per essere impiegate con taglierini prodotti da terzi. Slice ha sviluppato queste lame prima della creazione della propria linea di cutter e taglierini. Ideale per lavori manuali, le lame 10524 sono realizzate in ceramiche avanzate che non producono scintille, non sono magnetiche, sono chimicamente inerti, sicure fino a 1600 gradi Celsius e non si arrugginiscono mai. Tra gli strumenti compatibili vi sono: Lenox 20366SRK1, Alltrade 150003 Auto-Load, WISS Auto Retract WKAR1, IRWIN 2088600 e Milwaukee Fastback 48-22-1901, tuttavia vi consigliamo di provare la nostra linea di cutter Slice.

  • Tipo di lama: di ricambio, a punta arrotondata
  • 2 lame doppie per confezione
  • Lame a prova di dita che rimangono affilate 11 volte più a lungo
  • Riducono gli incidenti, diminuiscono i costi
  • Non producono scintille, non conducono elettricità, non sono magnetiche
  • Chimicamente inerti, non arrugginiscono mai
  • Meno sostituzioni della lama = meno incidenti
  • SKU #10524

Product Specifications  

L 59.50 x W 19.0 x H 0.8 mm
zirconium oxide
3.0 g


4.3 / 5
12 reviews
  • Trusted Customer
    Aug 14, 2018
    These are good they are doing great in our application. We have noticed they shatter easily but that is expected for ceramic.
  • Vic Saba
    Mar 02, 2018
    So far positive feedback.
  • Jose M Otero Jr
    Apr 10, 2017
  • Bill Brown
    Mar 06, 2017
    same as above. no negative feedback
  • Tracy Buck
    Dec 05, 2016
  • Trusted Customer
    Jul 13, 2016
    Great product.....seems like it will hold up.
  • Trusted Customer
    May 06, 2016
    they would not fit into my box cutter. They would probably work fine in another cutter
    1 reply
    • Thanks for taking the time to leave your comments - yes, since we cannot control what handles are on the market for "standard" utility blade sizes it makes it challenging for our 10524 utility blades to fit all models - at a minimum the 10524 utility blades will fit the following handles :
      - Lenox 20366SRK1- Alltrade 150003 Auto-Load- WISS Auto Retract WKAR1- IRWIN 2088600- Milwaukee Fastback 48-22-1901

      Thanks so much!
      Team Slice
      Mr TJ Scimone
      from Slice, Inc.
      May 07, 2016
  • Trusted Customer
    Mar 15, 2016
  • Earl Clemmons
    Jan 12, 2016
    Love a ceramic blade for sharpness and durability.
  • Scott McCoskery
    Nov 03, 2015
    Honestly your blades aren't very sharp. I was disapponted and don't intend to buy any more in the future. If a razor blade can't slice a sheet of paper, it's not a razor blade.
    1 reply
    • Hi Scott - thanks for your reply -- happy to refund your money as we don't want you having something you don't want :) Please contact us at [email protected] and we'll take care of you -- thanks so much Scott. PS : Note, on the blade sharpness, our patented sharpening process and sharpening angle results in a blade that's not sharp to the touch - in fact they are not dull when pressure is applied and they hold their edge much longer than a metal blade. A metal blade will dull very quickly and become less sharp vs, our blade very quickly -- you mention cutting paper which our blades are not designed for, our blades are designed for corrugated. If you need to cut just single sheets of paper I would suggest or 00200 Safety Cutter or Precision Cutter. Happy to send you a complimentary sample of both to test on your application. Have a great week.
      Mr TJ Scimone
      from Slice, Inc.
      Nov 23, 2015

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