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Cutter di sicurezza

  • Cutter di sicurezza
  • Safety Cutter - Features
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Il cutter di sicurezza Slice® 00200 è uno dei primi strumenti che abbiamo progettato ed è uno tra i più famosi. Inizialmente pensato per uso domestico, dato che eccelle nell’apertura di pacchi e confezioni, il cutter di sicurezza a forma di mouse ha trovato largo impiego in ambito industriale in tutto il mondo. La sua micro lama in ceramica taglia efficacemente materiali sottili mentre protegge le dita grazie alla nostra affilatura finger-friendly®. Cutter di sicurezza dotato di cordoncino e magnete all’interno per tenerlo sempre a portata di mano.

  • Tipo di lama: micro lama in ceramica
  • Magnete all’interno e anello portachiavi
  • Rivestimento in gomma antiscivolo
  • Per mancini e destrorsi
  • Lama finger-friendly® che taglia in modo efficace
  • Riduce gli incidenti, diminuisce i costi
  • Non produce scintille, non conduce elettricità
  • Chimicamente inerte, non arrugginisce mai
  • Non necessita di lubrificanti
  • Lama al 100 percento in ossido di zirconio
  • L’affilatura dura fino a 11,2 volte di più del metallo
  • SKU #00200

Specifiche prodotto  

Profondità taglio
0.75 ±0.2 mm
8.4 g
L 61.0 x W 31.2 x H 5.5 mm
ABS, NdFeB magnet, zirconium oxide


4.6 / 5
89 recensioni
  • Anonymous
    3 months ago
    This is a great addition to any office or place of business!
    0 replies
  • Susan Wilson
    6 months ago
    We love this product for our application and recommend it to our customers.
    0 replies
  • Carl Munn
    6 months ago
    Awesome product and best darn letter opener out there.
    0 replies
  • Robert Allingham
    9 months ago
    Very handy tool use it everyday now
    0 replies
  • Richard Francione
    1 year ago
    Wasn't able to use on the project we wanted them for as they took to long to get here.
    0 replies
  • Leonard Palmer
    1 year ago
    Good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    0 replies
  • Ben Retallick
    1 year ago
    Amazing that it does not cut skin with ceramic blade. Good for cutting paper or thin card. Did not prove successful for cutting plastic shrink wrap.
    0 replies
  • paula trego
    2 years ago
    Blades don’t stick out far enough to cut on cardboard
    0 replies
  • Jeryl Cohen
    2 years ago
    I am a nurse and it comes in handy for opening bags. I gifted this item to 4 people as I liked it so much.
    0 replies
  • Allen Gilberg
    2 years ago
    It works fine. It is not quite what I had hoped for--if you tilt it side-to-side it will change the cut depth. Generally it does not matter, but I was looking for something with a more controllable depth.
    0 replies
  • Jason Miller
    2 years ago
    No exposed blade and great that its magnetic
    0 replies
  • Stephen Macshane
    2 years ago
    Very nice little cutter! Wish the blade was just a tiny, tiny bit larger.
    0 replies
  • Richard Regan
    2 years ago
    Works great, and is safe.
    0 replies
  • Jacqueline Vadnais
    2 years ago
    These little cutters are perfect! I keep one by the front door to open packages and one in the kitchen for...whatever. Have also given them as gifts and everyone loves them!
    0 replies
  • Jacqueline Vadnais
    2 years ago
    I order almost everything online now, so I reach for the little green slicer almost every day to open shipping boxes. I gave one to my sister and she said either she or her husband use theirs every day, too!
    0 replies

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