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  • Slice 10558搭载特殊回拉设计的人体工学滑动按钮(Ergo Pull)及智能回弹技术的智能回弹安全美工刀
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Smart-Retracting Utility Knife - Features
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  • Slice 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife
 SKU编号 #10558


Slice 10558智能回弹安全美工刀采用了两项最新的创新发明:智能回弹技术及特殊回拉设计的人体工学滑动按钮(Ergo Pull)。這是我們最先進的安全美工刀,有着多種預防措施可以保护您免受到傷害。智能回弹技术是不论您的手是否仍按着滑动按钮,会让刀片在一离开切割材料时,便会自动回弹缩回。而采用特殊回拉设计的人体工学滑动按钮(Ergo Pull)则是能让您不用在向前推着滑动按钮的同时向后切割,让您可同方向施力,减少肌肉的疲劳。

  • 刀柄类型: 智能回弹型
  • 特殊回拉设计人体工学滑动按钮(Ergo Pull)能减少肌肉的疲劳
  • 兼容刀片: 10526, 10528
  • 使用独特的安全刀片,且较钢制刀片保持锋利时间长11倍
  • 减少伤害,降低成本
  • 无火花、不导电刀片
  • 双手通用设计
  • 刀片为化学堕性材质,具不生锈特性
  • 更换刀片无需使用工具
  • 更换刀片次数越少 = 伤害越少
  • SKU编号 #10558


20.0 mm
68.0 g
L 153.83 x W 35.64 x H 21.18 mm
GFN, POM, stainless steel, carbon steel, zirconium oxide


3.8 / 5
13 评价
  • Danielle Blier
    1 year ago
    Works great
    0 replies
  • Alan Hornbeck Hornbeck
    2 years ago
    The blades seem to come off of the track fairly often.
    0 replies
  • Alex Gonzalez
    2 years ago
    So light and so simple to use
    0 replies
  • Cobb Vantress
    2 years ago
    Terrible product, not happy with it at all.
    0 replies
  • Alan Hornbeck
    2 years ago
    So far the shop likes them. The blade seems to have a tendency to come off of its track when their is force applied during the cut.
    0 replies
    3 years ago
    Not made for left handed people.
    0 replies
  • Carolyn Gomez
    3 years ago
    Did not work for our operation.
    0 replies
  • Daniel Cloutier
    3 years ago
    Un peu mieux, mais encore une fois, moins coupant qu'un couteau OLFA
    1 reply
    • Nous excusons pour tout retard dans la livraison. Nos dossiers indiquent que vous avez commandé le vendredi 23 mars (tel que calculé en TVP), et que votre commande a été expédiée le jour même de notre installation en Californie.
      from Slice, Inc.
      Apr 09, 2018
  • H Wilson
    4 years ago
    It does what it claims. It would be very difficult to cut skin with this knife, yet it makes a workable cut in cardboard. I expect our minor injuries to go down dramatically. Learning about this product made the trip to NSC expo worthwhile.
    0 replies
  • Thomas Marshall
    4 years ago
    good looking knife, we'll test it out and probably purchase a few more
    0 replies
  • Lucy Burgos
    4 years ago
    It works great with thicker boxes and also cuts wrap well. Self-retract function avoids issues with carelessness.
    0 replies
  • Lucy Burgos
    4 years ago
    Just what we needed. Great addition.
    0 replies
  • Richard Conner
    4 years ago
    Works like it supposed to, we have high hopes for the blades
    0 replies


了解我们的客户如何使用Slice工具来减少伤害并降低成本 智能回弹安全美工刀.