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Pen Cutter Clip

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The Slice® Pen Cutter Clip gives users an easier way to carry Slice Pen Cutters. This clip simply attaches to the end of these tools so you can safely secure your Pen Cutter to a pocket, notebook or clipboard. If you need to revert back to using a lanyard hole, it’s equally straightforward to remove the clip.

  • Provides an easier option for carrying Slice Pen Cutters
  • Simple to attach and remove from the tools
  • Lightweight and compact

Great for:

  • Clipping to a notebook or clipboard
  • Securing to your shirt pocket
  • Providing easy storage and access

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: Nylon

Dimensions: L 1.86 in x W0.82 in x H0.51 in

Weight: 0.01 lb

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