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Manual Mini Cutter

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The Slice® Manual Mini Cutter combines safety and convenience in a small but powerful tool. It’s the perfect size and weight for using on-the-go and has an in-built magnet so you can keep it on the fridge (or other metallic surfaces) for easy access. This versatile compact cutter is great for opening boxes, parcels, clamshells and shrinkwrap and has a finger-friendly® blade to keep you and the contents of your packages safe. It has a reinforced handle for durability and is suitable for left- and right-handed users. Slice remains the first choice for safety and effectiveness in industrial settings and is now recognized as the leading safety cutter in homes. From its daily use in shipping warehouses to opening online orders at home, the Manual Mini Cutter makes people and places safer.

  • Finger-friendly® blade is the only safety blade on the market
  • Compact, lightweight design, so it is highly portable
  • Built-in magnet for additional convenience
  • Reinforced nylon handle ensures outstanding durability
  • Suitable for left- and right-handed users
  • An easy-grip slider allows you to manually retract the blade when not in use
  • Slice® blades last 11.2x longer than traditional blades

Great for:

  • Opening cardboard boxes and packages
  • Slicing food packaging
  • Cutting through clamshell packaging
  • Using on-the-go

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0.35 in

Material: ABS, POM, NdFeB magnet, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 2.44 in x W1.44 in x H0.46 in

Weight: 0.04 lb

Sell Sheet

  • When I first got this in my stocking, I was like, "WTF?" but my friend who bought it for me assured me I would love it. Well, it has turned out to be the most useful thing in the world. I love it and use it all the time. Makes opening any kind of package really easy, even those annoying hermetically sealed plastic ones. I bought one for my Mom and she was like, "WTH?" but she just told me, "I use it all the time!" Get one!

    Denise Rodriguez

  • I wasn’t convinced that my guys would like these in my shipping department the first time I was referred to this brand but boy was I wrong. My team was so excited to receive new equipment but we trialed a bunch of options first. At home I absolutely love having some convenient and small to safely assist me with opening boxes. Totally worth it! They have so much to offer and multi-purpose uses! So not only at home was this a safer option than me just reaching for a kitchen cutlery block knife but at work it lowered our cut and laceration incidents (we also have appropriate cut resistant gloves implemented), but it also increased our safety culture with awareness and confidence in safer / newer options brought to the workforce!

    Emma F.

  • My brother had one of these at our Holiday get-together to open gifts and I had to buy one for myself. Love this box cutter! It is magnetic so stays right on our fridge where we can always easily access it (and hopefully never lose it). My brother said he hasn't replaced the blade in forever and it is still sharp. I know he uses it frequently since they get daily amazon deliveries!



  • Slice Mini Cutter
  • Mini Cutter Blade Replacement

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