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Deburring Blades (Concave)

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Slice® Deburring Blades with a concave-shaped edge are exclusively for the Slice Deburring Tool. Designed for industrial use, they effortlessly remove burrs and other defects from various materials, resulting in polished surfaces and clean edges. The two blades in this pack are wear resistant and chemically inert, so they’re highly durable and never rust. For added safety, these Deburring Blades are non-conductive, and they also don’t have an oil coating or require a sharps box for disposal.

  • Concave-shaped edge designed for industrial usage
  • Effortlessly removes burrs and defects
  • Wear resistant so highly durable
  • Chemically inert blade that never rusts
  • Non-conductive blade for added safety
  • No oil coating
  • Don’t require a sharps box for disposal
  • Pack of 2 blades so you can use with multiple tools or keep a spare

Great for:

  • Finishing the edges of raw-cut sheet metal
  • Trimming the edges of mold-injected plastic
  • Smoothing edges from 3D printing
  • Working with clay in art projects

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 2.36 in x W0.59 in x H0.07 in

Weight: 0.05 lb

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