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Stainless Steel Scissors

  • The Slice 10420 Stainless Steel Scissors
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  • Slice Stainless Steel Scissors
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The Slice® 10420 Stainless Steel Scissors stand out from our ceramic safety cutters because of their unique design and 100 percent professional-grade stainless steel composition. They contain no plastic components or coatings and can easily be sanitized. Some industries require metal-detectable cutting tools and we oblige with this strong stainless steel option. Designed by Karim Rashid, these Slice scissors feature an ambidextrous lie-flat design and comfortable hand-polished finger grips.

  • 100 percent professional grade stainless steel
  • No degradable plastic components or coatings
  • Sharp, powerful 4-inch blades
  • Hand-polished finger grips
  • Rounded safety tips
  • Unique lie-flat ambidextrous design
  • Ideal for food industry
  • Autoclave friendly, sanitizable
  • Designed by Karim Rashid
  • SKU #10420

More About Slice Stainless Steel Scissors

Why Choose Metal Scissors Over Ceramic Scissors?


In general, we recommend our Slice 10544 Ceramic Scissors for their safe, finger-friendly® edge and because of the non-sparking, chemically inert nature of our advanced ceramics. However, there’s always an exception to the rule. Some industries require blades that are metal detectable, so we offer the Slice 10420 Stainless Steel Scissors.


In addition to their innovative, ambidextrous lie-flat design, these scissors are made from 100 percent professional-grade stainless steel. Many stainless steel scissors manufacturers include plastic components or coatings that degrade over time and weaken the tool. Because Slice 10420 scissors have none of these, they are a strong, durable option ideal for the food industry or medical use. Like our ceramic scissors, the stainless steel version features safer rounded corners.


How Should I Maintain My 10420 Slice Scissors?


Slice’s 10420 ambidextrous scissors are perfect for industrial and commercial use, where many different users rely on one tool. When considering how to clean stainless steel scissors in a multi-user setting, keep in mind that the 10420 scissors are autoclave-friendly and have no oil coating to worry about. We recommend asking a professional service how to sharpen stainless steel scissors for the best advice.

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