Chemical Manufacturer Venator UK Avoids Costly Injuries With Slice

Venator is a global leader in the development and production of chemical additives. A worldwide manufacturer, Venator places great importance on reducing accidental injury to provide a safer and more productive workplace. After trialing the Slice® Auto-Retractable Metal-Handle Utility Knife, Richard Graham, Safety Officer for Venator UK, found Slice blades to be “safer...with an extremely low risk of cutting yourself”.

You can’t put a price on an injury.

Graham has since adopted Slice cutting tools at his facility to cut industrial membrane filter cloths, rubber gaskets, and packaging materials. When asked to comment on the cost savings associated with Slice products, Graham stated “you can’t put a price on an injury”. With fewer accidents and strong cutting performance, Venator can focus on developing their products at a safer and faster pace. Through Slice’s patent-pending finger-friendly® edge and specially designed blade, users can expect an effective and lasting utility knife with a greatly reduced risk of injury.

  • Safer knife

    designed for expediency and safety

  • Minimized

    risk of employee injury

  • Increased

    savings for employers