North American Diversified Construction Company Benefits From Slice Tools

One of Ledcor’s primary values is safety. Wesley Williams, a Ledcor safety coordinator and Slice® evangelist, takes safety seriously. He notes that lacerations are an issue across the industry; “hands, arms, and legs are the main concern”. And while it’s challenging to supervise contractors and day laborers that often bring their own tools and (sometimes poor) safety habits, in the end, “it’s on you [the safety supervisor] to make sure they have what they need… to do the job correctly.”

Williams finds that Slice tools can help with these challenges for a number of reasons. First of all, they’re ergonomic, which improves grip and lowers the chances of an accidental slip. As for worker attitudes to new tools, he recommends demonstrations and says, “if they get comfortable, they’ll do it.”

Versatility is also important on a worksite where laborers are cutting a variety of materials and don’t always have time to switch to specialized tools. Initially, when workers saw the Slice tools, Williams says, “They were surprised, I mean… they ask, will it cut plastic? Reinforced tape? Ram board? But it works. For the majority of things, it works.” Williams recommends Slice cutters for most cutting tasks, including scoring drywall.

Construction is a tough business. Williams attests to Slice’s durability. He’s been using and demonstrating Slice tools for over three months and they’re up to the challenge. “I haven’t broken any blades yet, and that’s a good thing.”

The OHS professional recommends auto-retractable handles with Slice safety blades, pointing out that if you drop a regular manual knife with a non-Slice blade, “if you don’t have steel-toed boots on, it’ll cut you.” In contrast, “If you drop the Slice… it’s not going to hurt you… If you poke yourself with it, it’s not going to cut you.” His advice for better compliance is to remove any dangerous tools, since old habits die hard and safety culture needs to be enforced.

Finally, Williams has noticed, workers care about the way the tools look. “PPE-wise,” he says, “anything that looks good, they want to wear it.” Slice is happy to make Ledcor workers look good while they stay safe.

  • Reduced

    Accidental lacerations with auto-retractable Slice handles