Ceramic Folding Knife: Popular Design Encourages Safety

Slice 10562 Folding Utility Knife. The compatible rounded-tip blade (10526) and pointed-tip blade (10528) are displayed below the ceramic folding knife.

A ceramic folding knife is a useful, all-purpose tool. The folding pocket knife design with a locking blade dates back to Spain in the 1600s. Prior to that, you had to hold the blade open by grasping the knife at the hinge. The locking blade was a definite improvement in safety!

Three-hundred years later, during WWII, fixed-blade knives made by H.H. Buck and Son were standard issue to American soldiers. Returning soldiers had become dependent on these sturdy knives, but a large, fixed-blade knife wasn’t practical for a civilian.

In response to this new demand, the Buck Company designed a folding pocket knife with a locking mechanism similar to their fixed-blade knife. This provided comparable stability and strength. Thus, the ubiquitous “Buck knife” was born.

Since that time, a locking-blade, folding pocket knife has become a common tool. It is estimated that more than 35 million American households own locking-blade, folding pocket knives.

The Problem

Even with a locking mechanism, folding pocket knives aren’t always safe. People tend to keep their pocket knives (with traditional metal blades) in one of two states: dangerously sharp or dangerously dull.

Traditional ceramic folding pocket knives can be just as dangerous. Not only are the blades ultra-sharp, but they also tend to be somewhat fragile and prone to breaking under strain.

There is a real tendency for workers in an industrial setting to use their personal pocket knives to complete tasks on the job. Workplace safety is difficult to achieve when safety managers and workers don't see eye-to-eye on the use of safer tools, such as ceramic blade folding knives. Workers want handy tools that are easy to use. Safety managers must minimize injuries and costs. Both parties want to get the job done safely.

How to Solve It

In part, safety managers need to educate workers about safer tools and make these tools available on the job. It also makes sense to meet workers halfway. Providing safer tools that feel familiar to workers will help boost compliance, since—at the heart of the matter—people don’t like change.

Starting with the traditional metal-blade folding knife, safety managers can satisfy the familiarity aspect. But they’re still stuck with an unsafe balde. While ceramic folding knives might come to mind as an alternative, keep in mind that all ceramics are not created equal.

What’s needed to solve the problem is a pocket knife handle design that includes a safety blade. The popular design of the Slice® 10562 ceramic blade folding knife, which is similar to familiar pocket knives, encourages workers to accept a safer alternative that isn’t too far removed from their comfort zone. Slice’s finger-friendly® blades reduce the risk of lacerations, satisfying safety managers. It’s a win-win scenario.

A Safer Ceramic Folding Knife

The Slice 10562 ceramic blade folding knife has become popular with workers. It has the following characteristics that make it a solid choice as the best ceramic folding knife for your organization:

  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Durable blade
  • Can be used ambidextrously
  • Sturdy enough to withstand daily use

This unique ceramic blade folding knife has an ergonomically designed handle with safety blades, manufactured using a double-angle grinding process. This proprietary grind produces a finger-friendly cutting edge that is safe to the touch. This safe edge dramatically reduces the risk of accidental lacerations. Like all of our knives, the 10562 is shipped with a rounded-tip blade (10526), but a pointed-tip replacement blade is available (10528).

Our blades last 11.2 times longer than traditional metal blades, due to our proprietary grind and our 100-percent zirconium oxide ceramic material. This ceramic folding pocket knife can be used equally well whether you are right- or left-handed. The 10562 Folding Utility Knife features a durable metal handle, a quick-release locking button, and a convenient belt clip.

Additionally, the 10562 can be locked into a “half open” position, where the blade is at a 115-degree angle to the handle. This position makes it easy to perform overhead cutting tasks, where wrist rotation is limited. It can also be used to cut on a vertical plane, thereby relieving wrist strain.

A Slice 10562 Ceramic Folding Knife clipped to the belt of a worker wearing blue denim jeans and a gray tee shirt.
Slice’s ceramic folding knife is a useful tool that you can easily wear on your belt.

The 10562 in Action on the Job

A safe knife is not going to be used if it cannot get the job done quickly and efficiently. Watch this video to see how easily the 10562 handles roof membrane. You can easily clean the sticky residue from your blade using rubbing alcohol or your favorite cleaning solution without worrying about damaging the blade, which is impervious to chemicals.

Another job that can be hard to tackle is drywall installation. Here you can see how the 10562 makes quick work of this job. Note the large finger hole in the handle. Using this ergonomic feature can give you added control over the tool, helping to prevent accidental slips.

The hardest part of getting any job done safely, efficiently, and effectively may be choosing the right tool for the job. It’s human nature to resist change. When presented with unfamiliar handle choices, workers may opt to use their own, familiar pocket knives. By providing a popular, preferred handle design for a versatile ceramic folding pocket knife, coupled with safer blades, you can mitigate laceration risks. For a safer workplace, choose the Slice 10562 ceramic folding knife.

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