Safety Scissors: Not Just for Kids Anymore

Slice<sup>®</sup> 10545 Large Ceramic Scissors hang on a pegboard in a workshop.
Slice safety scissors are at home in any workshop or craft room.

When you think about safety scissors, an image of brightly-colored kids’ safety scissors instantly comes to mind. These are the kind of scissors that toddlers play with—useful for cutting construction paper, but safe for tender young fingers.

If you thought this was the limit to the usefulness of safety scissors, you wouldn’t be alone. However, there is another type of scissors that truly can be designated “safe scissors,” and they’re primarily designed as safety scissors for adults.

Slice® makes safe scissors and invests heavily in making them safe for everyone, including people with dexterity challenges. This makes Slice safety scissors ideal for people with disabilities and senior citizens, but also the best choice for workplace safety at any job that requires regular scissor use.

What Makes Safety Scissors Safe?

To answer this question, you must first understand what makes traditional scissors unsafe. The biggest safety hazard involved in using regular scissors is the risk of laceration from overly-sharpened blades.

Metal scissors tend to dull quickly. As a result, they’re manufactured to be overly sharp in an attempt to extend the tool’s longevity. Using such a pair of scissors increases the risk of laceration.

Slice scissors have a cutting edge that is ground at just the right angle, using a patent-pending double-angle grind to make the blades safe to touch. Because of this, Slice scissors are finger-friendly®.

Watch a demonstration of why Slice safety blades, (used in our safety scissors, too), are safer than traditional metal blades.

How to Use Safety Scissors  

Slice’s wide variety of safety scissors can handle myriad cutting tasks with ease. Read on for descriptions of each type of scissors and its typical uses.

Small Safety Scissors

Whether you need to cut duct tape, vinyl matting, felt, or craft paper, the Slice 10544 Small Safety Scissors are up to the task. Their small size and light weight make for a fast and efficient cutting experience. Some materials, such as kevlar, are notoriously difficult to cut with traditional scissors. By using the 10544 safety scissors, the next time you need to cut kevlar, scissors are all you’ll need, as seen in the video.

The zirconium oxide ceramic blades used in these safety scissors are exceptionally durable, while remaining effective for up to 11 times longer than metal blades. They are manufactured using Slice proprietary finger-friendly cutting edges, making them safe to touch when in use.

These scissors are BPA-, phthalate-, and lead-free, meaning they’re safety scissors that take chemical safety into account as well as lacerations. Also, whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, the ambidextrous design is sure to make your cutting work easier.

Other standard features:

  • Made from non-sparking materials
  • Feature chemically inert blades
  • A comfortable, ergonomic handle design
  • Rounded tips to protect against punctures

Large Safety Scissors   

Large Safety Scissors are a bigger version of the Slice Small Safety Scissors, and are ideal safety scissors for adults. Plus, their longer blades offer an even wider variety of cutting applications.

The Large Safety Scissors are ideal for cutting plastic wrap, corrugated fiberboard, shrink wrap, burlap, denim, and other materials. With finger-friendly blades, this large pair of scissors offers exceptional safety and control.

Designed for safety, using engineered ceramic blades and a patent-pending cutting edge, these Large Safety Scissors will help reduce workplace injuries, thereby lowering injury-related costs to your company.

Further helping you to reduce costs, these safe scissors are low maintenance, needing no oiling, lubrication, or sharpening.

Also, their blades do not rust or react to chemicals. As with the smaller version, Slice 10545 Large Safety Scissors are BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free.

Pointed Tip Safety Scissors

If you work with materials, such as fabrics or flexible plastics, that require a puncturing motion to initiate cutting from the middle of the material instead of the edge, the Slice 10546 Pointed Tip Safety Scissors are your best choice.

These pointed scissors inherited their essential features from the Slice Small Safety Scissors. This pair adds further functionality with wider finger loops to accommodate larger hands and a pointed tip for an easy puncture-and-cut motion.

Rust-proof, non-conductive and finger-friendly blades offer a precise and smooth cutting experience, lasting up to 11 times longer than metal blades. Add to this a long-lasting, reinforced nylon handle, and a design for ambidextrous use, and you have a comfortable, precise, safe, and durable tool for use in both industrial applications and at home.

Self-Opening Safety Scissors   

The Slice 10595 Self-Opening Scissors were thoughtfully designed for safety and practicality, and are a great option for dexterity-challenged users. The spring-loaded mechanism reduces the cutting effort significantly, resulting in less joint strain.

This pair of scissors is made with durable zirconium oxide ceramic blades: rust-proof and chemically inert. Finger-friendly cutting edges also reduce the risk of lacerations.

These scissors are useful for thread and/or yarn snipping, making them the ideal safety scissors for adults involved in yarn-related crafts. Individuals with arthritis, senior citizens, or anyone with hand weakness will find these scissors remarkably easy to use.

Other useful features include a safety cap to keep the self-opening blades closed and a lanyard hole to keep these scissors handy while you work.

Rotary Scissors  

Rotary Scissors are designed to make long, continuous cuts easily. If the material you need to cut is thin and relatively stiff, the 10598 Rotary Safety Scissors will do the job. Industries that find this tool useful include paper mills, print publishers, retailers, and artisan shops.

Other safety scissors require a wide range of motion to cut effectively. The 10598 scissors cut in a linear, swiping motion, using bladeless, counter-rotating metal rollers to shear the material.

The tool is also light weight, making it easily portable. It is TSA-friendly and built for use with either hand. Its durable composition makes it resistant to damage from accidental drops and knocks against hard surfaces.

Safety scissors are necessary in all manner of environments. Whether you need scissors for your workplace, at home, or in school, Slice scissors are an ideal choice. Designed with safety and performance in mind, whatever your cutting needs, Slice makes a tool that will suit you.

The concept behind safety scissors has finally outgrown its kindergarten roots. Today, safety scissors by Slice provide a safe cutting experience for everyone, including older adults, those with limited dexterity, and anyone facing challenges using their fine motor skills.

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