Are Any of Your Products TSA Approved?

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers do their best to ensure we all stay safe when we travel by air. Although the TSA sets guidelines—which may change over time—governing the types of items that can be brought into the cabin of a plane, they do not actually approve any particular item as being safe to bring on board in your carry-on luggage. 

TSA Guidelines

Remember, it is always up to the discretion of the individual TSA officer as to what will be allowed and what will be confiscated at a security checkpoint. TSA guidelines are here

In general, sharp objects are prohibited from carry-on luggage. Per current TSA guidelines, however, scissors that have blade lengths that are under four inches (10.16 centimeters) from the pivot point are permitted in carry-on luggage. You can always pack any sharp objects in your checked luggage, as long as they are adequately sheathed or wrapped, in order to prevent injury to baggage inspectors and handlers.

Slice Solutions

Slice® makes micro-ceramic-blade knives that generally pass through a TSA security check of your carry-on luggage. As with all Slice ceramic-bladed tools, our micro-ceramic-blade knives are made from 100 percent zirconium oxide, with a proprietary, double-angle grind, giving these blades a finger-friendly® edge that is safe to the touch. Slice micro-ceramic safety blades are only 2 millimeters, or less, in length. While our micro-ceramic-blade knives are excellent tools for cutting thin materials, such as paper, hard plastic clamshell packaging, vinyl, and plastic film, they’d be of no use to anyone intent on causing mischief during a flight.

In addition, our 10544 Small Scissors, 10545 Large Scissors, 10546 Small Pointed Scissors, and 10595 Self-Opening Scissors have blade lengths that meet the current TSA guidelines for sharp objects generally considered safe for carry-on baggage. They have the same safety blades as our other finger-friendly tools.