Choose Your Art

  • All I can say is, wow, wow. I signed my name with flourishes and great ease. That is the largest test of a tool.

    Sally Maxwell, Scratchboard pioneer

  • I’m an artist & a police sketch artist in Northern California. I wouldn’t be able to get the fine details in my work without the slice tool! 

    Kat Laughlin

  • In wood burning it was always a struggle to put the lighter hues in. White was always done in gel pen or pencil. This makes my work seem more real with minimum effort. Thank you

    Theresa Bessett

Made with Slice

Scratch, trim, scrape, carve, sculpt, or cut - Slice tools help you create amazing art.

  • I loooove the slice, it works so well. I use it to make fine lines/remove colour and also make broader lighter strokes to soften/almost use as an eraser. 

    Joanna Ridley

  • They are great for linear cuts, they cut through a range of different thicknesses of media, they feel comfortable in your hand and extra padding isn't needed.

    Stacey Young

  • I really love the scissors so much! They’ve made crafting and journaling so enjoyable and easy.

    Dulce Fajardo

Tools for Life

Designed to make art and life easier

  • Craft Knives

    The go-to for almost any crafter with so many uses:

    • Cutting wide-variety of craft materials

    • Paper art, scrapbooking and card making

    • Ceramic art

    • Colored pencil art

    • Scratchboard art

    • Vinyl crafting

    • Leathercraft

    • Pyrography

    • Family and School crafts

    • And so much more...

  • Scissors

    Our range of scissors are useful all around the home:

    • Cutting string, paper, and plastic

    • Sewing and crafting

    • Crafting with kids

    • Scrapbooking

  • Craft Blades

    Whatever your creative passion, there’s a Slice blade to make it easier:

    • Pointed-tip blades

    • Straight-edge blades

    • Curved-edge blades

    • Corner-stripping blades

    • Chisel blades

    • Seam ripper blades

  • Package Opening

    Is cheese a new art form? Possibly - but Slice makes life easier way beyond the craft table. Our safety tools help you with everyday cutting tasks, so you can effortlessly open:

    • Clamshell packaging

    • Boxes

    • Food packaging

    • Envelopes