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Lápiz-cutter manual

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El lápiz-cutter manual Slice 10513 es una herramienta de gran versatilidad ideal para la casa, la oficina o el trabajo en almacén. Este cutter bisturí se caracteriza por un botón deslizador de goma con 3 posiciones entre las que se puede elegir la longitud deseada para realizar el corte. Puede utilizarse como cutter de seguridad para cortar cajas de cartón o como herramienta multiusos ideal para diferentes actividades. Las cuchillas de cerámica compatibles con este cutter no producen chispas ni son magnéticas, son químicamente inertes y nunca se oxidan.

  • Tipo de mango: 3 posiciones
  • Mango con botón deslizador de goma
  • Cuchillas compatibles: 10404, 10408
  • Minimiza lesiones, reduce costos
  • Agujero para cordón para tener la herramienta siempre a mano
  • No produce chispas, no es magnética
  • Diseño ambidextro
  • No se precisan herramientas para cambiar la cuchilla
  • El filo de la cuchilla se mantiene afilado 11 veces más tiempo
  • Menos cambios de cuchilla = menos lesiones
  • Ref. #10513

Great for:

  • Opening cardboard boxes and packages
  • Slicing plastic packaging and shrink wrap
  • Cutting tape, card stock, vinyl stickers and fiberglass

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth: 0.47 in

Material: ABS, GFN, POM, carbon steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 5.26 in x W0.68 in x H0.68 in

Weight: 0.08 lb

Sell Sheet

  • I'm not going to lie. I was doubtful, but I took the plunge and I have been very surprised and impressed. I am a warehouse material handler who works with various types and thicknesses cardboard all day (shipping boxes, pallets of cardboard, boxes of supplies, etc, etc, etc.) This little pen cutter just breezes through tape like nothing, making opening and breaking down boxes simpler and easier than usual. It glides through cutting the flaps off boxes and seems to cut straighter with less effort, bubble mailers, large manilla envelopes, plastic bags have all be opened by this little cutter with ease.


  • I wish i wouldve known about these years ago. I was honestly pretty skeptical but i was amazed how well it works. It cuts virtually anything you use a normal box cutter for. Its lighter, cheaper, safer, and lasts longer. Its a fantastic idea/product.

    Brody Paris

  • I open boxes all day long, it's been a month and still have not had to change the blade! I plan on buying these for my coworkers for Christmas.



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What is a Pen Cutter Used For?

A pen cutter is used for many of the same tasks as a box cutter or a utility knife. In fact, many people use the terms box cutter, pen cutter, and utility knife interchangeably. All can handle a wide variety of materials. Pen cutters tend to have a smaller and more maneuverable handle, similar to that of a pen.

Why Choose a Slice Pen Cutter?

Slice® pen cutters feature durable glass-filled nylon construction and the same finger-friendly® blades as our safety box cutter. We offer effective cutting tools with the added bonus of safety, provided by our proprietary blade manufacturing process. Unlike other companies, who only consider handle design in their safety features, our safety starts with the blade itself.

How Do I Use a Pen Cutter Safely?

Consider the same principles that you’d apply to how to use a box cutter safely. Make sure you cut at an angle away from your body, only expose as much blade as is necessary to make the cut, and always retract the blade fully when you’re finished working.