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Lápiz-cutter autoretráctil

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El lápiz-cutter autoretráctil Slice 10512 ofrece una alternativa al mango de nuestros cutters para cajas de cartón. Su forma cilíndrica y más delgada es ideal para alcanzar lugares de difícil acceso. Este cutter bisturí utiliza las mismas cuchillas que los cutters para cajas de cartón, ofreciendo así las mismas ventajas. Entre ellas se incluye, el filo de seguridad patentado por Slice que reduce lesiones. El diseño de esta herramienta limita la exposición de la cuchilla, previniendo así aún más lesiones. La cuchilla se retracta dentro del mango cuando el usuario suelta el botón deslizador de goma.

  • Tipo de mango: autoretráctil
  • Mango con botón deslizador de goma
  • Cuchillas compatibles: 10404, 10408
  • Minimiza lesiones, reduce costos
  • Agujero para cordón para tener la herramienta siempre a mano
  • No produce chispas, no es magnética
  • Diseño ambidextro
  • No se precisan herramientas para cambiar la cuchilla
  • El filo de la cuchilla se mantiene afilado 11 veces más tiempo
  • Menos cambios de cuchilla = menos lesiones
  • Ref. #10512

Ideal para:

  • Opening cardboard boxes and packages
  • Slicing plastic packaging and shrink wrap
  • Cutting tape, card stock, vinyl stickers and fiberglass

Especificaciones del producto

Cutting Depth: 0.47 in

Material: ABS, GFN, POM, carbon steel, zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 5.26 in x W0.68 in x H0.68 in

Weight: 0.08 lb

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Preguntas frecuentes

What Is an Auto-Retractable Pen Cutter Used For?

The Slice pen cutter is used in much the same way as a box cutter or utility knife. It can handle materials as varied as fiberglass, clamshell packaging, and adhesive vinyl. Our auto-retractable pen cutter has a slimmer profile and different handle shape from our J-hook box cutters, so it is ideal for hard-to-reach areas that require more maneuverability.

How is This Pen Cutter Different From a Slice Safety Box Cutter?

Our pen-style auto retractable safety knife offers the same utility as the safety box cutter, even using the same replacement blades, but the handle shape is different. Although our J-Hook retractable box cutter is the recipient of a Red Dot design award, not all applications lend themselves well to this kind of handle. Sometimes you need extra reach or a smaller diameter to get to the material you’re cutting. The Slice ceramic pen cutters offer another option to get the job done.

Why Buy a Box Cutter From Slice?

In a word: safety. You’re not just buying a box cutter, you’re buying a safe box cutter. Slice rethinks every aspect of design, from the blade exposure level to how to put a blade in a box cutter. Our proprietary grind creates an edge like no other that cuts materials effectively and resists cutting skin.

Keep in mind that many of our tools fit in the category of box cutter: pen cutters, utility knives and our J-hook box cutters. Each of these styles have an auto-retractable cutter option. The Slice pen cutter (auto-retractable) can cut to a depth of 11 mm, while our utility knives make cuts up to 22.36 mm deep.