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Smart-Retracting Utility Knife

  • The Slice 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife with Ergo Pull and Smart Retract
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Smart-Retracting Utility Knife - Features
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  • Slice 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife
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The Slice 10558 Smart-Retracting Utility Knife features our two newest innovations: Smart Retract technology and the Ergo Pull™ slider. This is our most advanced safety utility knife with multiple precautions to keep you injury-free. Smart Retract pulls the blade back into its housing as soon as it loses contact with the cutting material, even if you still have your finger on the slider. Ergo Pull™ reduces strain allowing you to slide and cut in the same direction.

  • Handle type: smart-retracting
  • Ergo Pull™ slider reduces strain
  • Compatible blades: 10526, 10528
  • Finger-friendly edge stays sharp 11x longer
  • Reduces injuries, lowers costs
  • Non-sparking, non-conductive blade
  • Includes 1 dbl-sided rounded-tip safety blade
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Chemically inert blade never rusts
  • No-tool blade change
  • Fewer blade changes = fewer injuries
  • SKU #10558

Kompatible Knivblade  


Skærings- dybde
20.0 mm
68.0 g
L 153.83 x W 35.64 x H 21.18 mm
GFN, POM, stainless steel, carbon steel, zirconium oxide


3.8 / 5
13 anmeldelser
  • Danielle Blier
    2 years ago
    Works great
    0 replies
  • Alan Hornbeck Hornbeck
    3 years ago
    The blades seem to come off of the track fairly often.
    0 replies
  • Alex Gonzalez
    3 years ago
    So light and so simple to use
    0 replies
  • Cobb Vantress
    3 years ago
    Terrible product, not happy with it at all.
    0 replies
  • Alan Hornbeck
    3 years ago
    So far the shop likes them. The blade seems to have a tendency to come off of its track when their is force applied during the cut.
    0 replies
    3 years ago
    Not made for left handed people.
    0 replies
  • Carolyn Gomez
    4 years ago
    Did not work for our operation.
    0 replies
  • Daniel Cloutier
    4 years ago
    Un peu mieux, mais encore une fois, moins coupant qu'un couteau OLFA
    1 reply
    • Nous excusons pour tout retard dans la livraison. Nos dossiers indiquent que vous avez commandé le vendredi 23 mars (tel que calculé en TVP), et que votre commande a été expédiée le jour même de notre installation en Californie.
      from Slice, Inc.
      Apr 09, 2018
  • H Wilson
    4 years ago
    It does what it claims. It would be very difficult to cut skin with this knife, yet it makes a workable cut in cardboard. I expect our minor injuries to go down dramatically. Learning about this product made the trip to NSC expo worthwhile.
    0 replies
  • Thomas Marshall
    good looking knife, we'll test it out and probably purchase a few more
    0 replies
  • Lucy Burgos
    It works great with thicker boxes and also cuts wrap well. Self-retract function avoids issues with carelessness.
    0 replies
  • Lucy Burgos
    Just what we needed. Great addition.
    0 replies
  • Richard Conner
    Works like it supposed to, we have high hopes for the blades
    0 replies



Lær hvordan vores kunder reducerer arbejdsskader og sænker omkostninger ved brug af Slice-værktøj Smart-Retracting Utility Knife.

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More About The Slice Smart-Retracting Utility Knife

What Is a Utility Knife Used For?


Utility knife uses include cutting and piercing a variety of materials, such as carpet, clamshell packaging, triple-walled corrugated and vinyl. The materials a utility knife can cut will depend on its exposed blade length and general durability.


Keep in mind, there are different utility knife blade types suited to different kinds of cuts. Any material that requires a piercing action to initiate the cut is best suited to a pointed-tip blade, such as the Slice 10528 blade. Rounded-tip blades, like Slice’s 10526 blade, offer added protection against accidental injuries. 


Although Slice knives are much safer than typical steel blades, any knife is potentially dangerous. Make sure that you learn how to use a utility knife safely by following common sense precautions: cut at an angle away from the body, reduce distractions, and cut in one smooth motion where possible.


Why Choose a Slice Ceramic Utility Knife?


A Slice knife is a safety utility knife by design. Most companies consider only the handle when they try to make a safer knife. Their best option, the auto-retracting utility knife, still doesn’t address the part of the knife that actually cuts you: the blade. 


Why are typical blades so dangerous? Steel is a relatively soft material, so to extend a steel blade’s working life, manufacturers sharpen it to an unsafe level. This workaround sacrifices user safety. Slice uses 100 percent zirconium oxide, an extremely hard material that holds its edge, so we don’t need to over-sharpen our blades in order to make them effective. Our proprietary grind cuts materials effectively but resists cutting skin. So a Slice knife has a smarter handle and a safer blade.


What is Smart Retract Technology?


Slice’s Smart Retract feature adds another layer of safety to an auto-retracting utility knife. Where most auto-retracting knives pull the blade into the housing once the user lets go of the button, Smart Retract engages as soon as the blade loses contact with the cutting material. This safeguards against accidental slips while the blade is engaged. This new level of utility knife safety raises the bar, promising to redefine the question of, “what is a utility knife?”


How Does the Ergo Pull™ System Reduce Strain?


Most slider buttons require the user to push with the thumb while pulling the knife in the direction of the cut. These opposing forces cause a certain amount of strain that can be avoided with a design like Ergo Pull™, where the user pulls both the slider and the knife in the same direction.


This may seem like a small adjustment, but the results are impressive, especially when considering cutting tasks repeated over long shifts where there is a potential for cumulative strain injuries. In testing done by United States Ergonomics (an independent third-party testing agent), Ergo Pull™ technology resulted in less forearm effort, upper arm effort, and hand muscle strain than the standard push-blade lever utility knife.

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