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  • 安全笔刀
  • Manual Pen Cutter - Features
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 SKU编号 #10513


Slice 10513安全笔刀是一款同时适合家庭、办公及工厂使用的多功能刀具。有采用橡胶滑动按钮及3段式伸缩的专利握柄,使用者可按工作需求露出所需的刀片长度即可。这款安全笔刀可以当作安全开箱刀或其它各种用途使用。其兼容的刀片材料皆有无火花、无磁性、具化学堕性及不生锈的特性。

  • 刀柄类型: 3段式伸缩
  • 经久耐用的玻璃填充尼龙刀柄
  • 兼容刀片: 10404, 10408
  • 减少伤害,降低成本
  • 附有挂绳孔让您能方便携带
  • 无火花、不导电刀片
  • 双手通用设计
  • 更换刀片无需使用工具
  • 使用独特的安全刀片,且较钢制刀片保持锋利时间长11倍
  • 更换刀片次数越少 = 伤害越少
  • SKU型号 #10513


12.0 mm
26.0 g
L 133.5 x W 17.3 x H 17.3 mm
ABS, GFN, POM, carbon steel, zirconium oxide


4.7 / 5
21 评价
  • myra naito
    6 months ago
    Reasonable price for great product!
    0 replies
  • Sara Hempsall
    7 months ago
    Bought this for art project, animal portraits using coloured pencils, not quite used to using it yet but can see it will be a valuable tool
    0 replies
  • Fiona Parker
    7 months ago
    I love the pen cutter, it’s perfect to help with my artwork.
    0 replies
  • Fiona Parker
    7 months ago
    Love this product to help create beautiful art.
    0 replies
  • Danielle Blier
    Good safety cutter
    0 replies
  • jeff hulley
    like the product. would be better with a pocket clip of some sort. if carried in your shirt pocket, it tends to get misplaced.
    0 replies
  • Larry Longstreth
    Pointed blades in this device would be a plus. I did order pointed replacement blades so its all good
    0 replies
  • Marlene Van Bibber
    Great item, fast shipping.
    0 replies
  • Catherine Jevic
    Very effective, self refractive blade prevents injuries.
    0 replies
  • Dustin Warner
    0 replies
  • Tyson Hector
    Easy to use and blades are sharp but safe.
    0 replies
  • Tyson Hector
    Performs as advertised. Quick blade change.
    0 replies
  • Leslie Wilson
    My favorite tool. I use it all of the time to cut boxes for work. I travel a lot and it is easy to pack in my travel bag and carry on my flght. I love this cutter
    0 replies
  • Larry Longstreth
    Just what the doctor ordered for high school kids who are not accustomed to using box cutters. One actually tried to cut himself and was able to do so but damage was minimal
    0 replies
  • Dave Hackney
    good product. Will be ordering the autoretract in the future.
    0 replies




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