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Slice 10548安全工艺刀是相当适合精密切割、削刮及手工作业的刀具。它所配载的陶瓷刀片有着无火花、具化学堕性、可承受高达摄氏1600度高温、不生锈及无需上保养油等特性。有着特殊纹理设计的刀柄,让您驾驭起来更得心应手,这款精密刀具可让您进行精确且精细的切割。其刀身双手通用及防滑的设计,让您能更平稳的操作。10548安全工艺刀标配着使用我们独特安全刀刃技术的10518安全工艺刀片(直边刀刃、圆弧形刀尖)。

  • 刀片类型:直边刀刃、圆弧形刀尖
  • 特殊网纹处理及防滑设计刀柄
  • 兼容刀片:10518, 10519, 10520, 10532, 10534, 10535, 10536, 10537
  • 使用独特的安全刀片,且较钢制刀片保持锋利时间长11倍
  • 减少伤害,降低成本
  • 无火花、不导电刀片
  • 标配1片圆弧形刀尖陶瓷工艺刀片
  • 双手通用设计
  • 更换刀片无需使用工具
  • 更换刀片次数越少 = 伤害越少
  • SKU编号 #10548


12.7 mm (10518 replacement blade) / varies by blade
16.0 g
L 160.0 x W 11.48 x H 10.9 mm
GFN, brass, PP, zirconium oxide


4.5 / 5
11 评价
  • Trusted Customer
    Nov 18, 2019
    Great for precision cutting
  • Allen Gilberg
    Sep 16, 2018
    Very nice to use. Sharper than I would have thought.
  • Rodney Jensen
    Jan 16, 2018
    I've been a crafter for over forty years. I've used all kinds of knives. The SLICE blades are far and away better than any of the "standard" blades I've used in the past. I can hardly wait to try the new styles.
  • Russell Jenkins
    Jan 16, 2018
    Product was good, employees like the product.
  • Catherine Jevic
    Jan 16, 2018
    Feels great in the hand, nicely weighted
  • Trusted Customer
    Sep 15, 2017
    Works like it is supposed to- good for stencil cutting.
  • Barbara Harvey
    Mar 07, 2017
    using this knife to cut Press blankets. Company is improving on safety issues, and we feel that the Ceramic blade is safer for operators than the old metal retractable knives with sharp metal blades. This knife is still in the experimental stage. So far it is meeting our needs.
  • Mary Guikema
    Sep 30, 2016
    Only used a time or two, but so far it's great. Cuts through thick card stock easily.
  • Joshua
    Sep 26, 2016
    Only thing I would like to see is a larger pack of blades for purchase with having so many facilities and individuals in the event of having to change a blade on several knives at once it will take a lot of 4 packs
  • Kira
    Sep 06, 2016
    Great tool for our use in cutting and segmenting friable rock segments for trace metal analysis. They provide high accuracy and ease in addition to low contamination rates.


了解我们的客户如何使用Slice工具来减少伤害并降低成本 安全工艺刀.




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