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Keramisk universalkniv blad (Spetsig tipp)

  • The Slice® 10528 Ceramic Utility Knife Blade with pointed tips
  • Utility Knife Blades With Pointed Tips - Features
  • ceramic-utility-knife-blades-pointed-tip-1-b.jpg
  • Slice 10528 Utility Knife Blades  - Compatible Handles
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289,00 kr
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Slice® 10528 Universalkniv blad har en spetsig tipp så att du först kan punktera materialet som ska skäras. Precis som med alla Slice-säkerhetsblad är våra 10528 blad icke-gnistrande, icke-magnetiska, kemiskt inerta, behöver ingen oljebeläggning och rostar aldrig. Vår egenutvecklade finger-friendly® kant är säker vid beröring, reducerar skador och sänker kostnader. Dessa blad är kompatibla med flera Slice-handtag: 10550, 10554, 10558, och 10562 universalknivar; 10591 och 10593 skalpeller; och 10585 manuella kartongknivar.

  • Bladtyp: spetsig tipp
  • Säkrare än traditionella blad
  • Finger-friendly® kant, skär och skrapar effektivt
  • Varar upp till 11,2x längre än metallblad
  • Färre ändringar av blad = färre skador
  • Reducerar skador, sänker kostnaderna
  • Icke-gnistrande, icke-ledande, icke-magnetisk
  • Kemiskt inert, rostar aldrig
  • Fri från olja och smörjmedel
  • Den spetsiga tippen punkterar lätt skärmaterial
  • 100 procent återvinningsbart
  • Bladet är säkert från -40°C till 1600°C
  • Kompatibla handtag: 10477, 10479, 10550, 10554, 10558, 10562, 10563, 10564, 10585, 10591, 10593
  • 3 dubbelsidiga blad per förpackning
  • SKU # 10528

Kompatibla handtag  


L 65.13 x W 11.95 x H 1.3 mm
zirconium oxide
4.67 g


4.5 / 5
15 recensioner
  • Paul Mudry
    1 month ago
    I love these pointed tips! I use them to open my vacuum food packages after thawing. They work so well at getting close to the food (Fish filets mostly) and zipping open the vac sealing. Super cool!! Sent a set to my son to use with his new “slice utility” knife.
    0 replies
  • don newsome
    2 years ago
    A1 product remain sharp a rediculous amount of time
    0 replies
  • alan weber
    2 years ago
    Very good blades and should last.
    0 replies
  • Andrew Flynn
    2 years ago
    Team member testing out the product say the blade dulls fast and doesn't fit well in the hand. We are using the box cutter style. I have some recommendations from my grocery team that if we could make it work, would be a great fit in the grocery industry to prevent cuts from normal blades.
    0 replies
    2 years ago
    Once again, safety is a main priority for our company and the ceramic blades are awesome
    0 replies
  • charles magee
    3 years ago
    Blades did work fine for the material we needed to cut. I do not think any of the tools or blades would have worked well at all if we had needed to cut actual flooring products. Not a knock on your product, though. We were just faced with an unusual situation.
    0 replies
  • omar kamal
    3 years ago
    it was very good.the blades that i ordered were the right ones
    0 replies
  • Christy J Beenenga
    4 years ago
    High quality item - excellent packaging
    0 replies
  • Larry Longstreth
    4 years ago
    This product was good for our purpose
    0 replies
  • Catherine Scott
    4 years ago
    Sharp enough for the job
    0 replies
  • Deborah Mahan
    4 years ago
    I did see above - does NOT cut well
    0 replies
  • Brigid Marsh
    4 years ago
    Ceramic blades are working really well as an alternative to craft knives.
    0 replies
  • Tim Sumera
    4 years ago
    This product is very easy to use, handles well when opening boxes.
    0 replies
    Items are a little pricing but very safe to use.
    0 replies
  • Don Bartlett
    Perfect when you need a piercing end. Cuts very well but too fragile for our application. Too bad because I love how safe they are for your hands.
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