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Bisturi Craft Precisão

  • Bisturi Craft Precisão
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 Referência #10548
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O bisturi craft precisão Slice 10548 é ideal para corte, raspagem e trabalhos de precisão. A sua lâmina cerâmica de segurança não produz faíscas, é quimicamente inerte, é segura até 1600ºC, nunca enferruja e não requer qualquer lubrificação. Com um cabo texturizado para um controlo superior, este bisturi de precisão permite que o utilizador faça cortes delicados e precisos. O seu design é ambidestro e a ferramenta é pesada para garantir equilíbrio e estabilidade. O 10548 inclui uma lâmina cerâmica de segurança de lateral direita 10518 com ponta redonda, que tem a nossa patenteada lateral finger-friendly.

  • Tipo de lâmina: lateral direita, ponta redonda
  • Cabo de textura cruzada, que não gira
  • Lâminas compatíveis: 10518, 10519, 10520, 10532, 10534, 10535, 10536, 10537
  • Lateral finger-friendly permanece afiada 11 vezes mais
  • Reduz acidentes, diminui custos
  • Lâmina não produz faíscas e não é condutora
  • Inclui 1 lâmina cerâmica de ponta redonda
  • Design ambidestro
  • Mudança de lâmina sem ferramentas
  • Menos mudanças de lâmina = menos acidentes
  • SKU #10548

Lâminas compatíveis  

Especificações do produto  

Profundidade de corte
15.0 mm (varies by blade)
16.0 g
L 160.0 x W 11.48 x H 10.9 mm
GFN, brass, PP, zirconium oxide


4.5 / 5
11 críticas
  • Danielle Blier
    Great for precision cutting
    0 replies
  • Allen Gilberg
    Very nice to use. Sharper than I would have thought.
    0 replies
  • Rodney Jensen
    I've been a crafter for over forty years. I've used all kinds of knives. The SLICE blades are far and away better than any of the "standard" blades I've used in the past. I can hardly wait to try the new styles.
    0 replies
  • Russell Jenkins
    Product was good, employees like the product.
    0 replies
  • Catherine Jevic
    Feels great in the hand, nicely weighted
    0 replies
  • DeAnne Saab
    Works like it is supposed to- good for stencil cutting.
    0 replies
  • Barbara Harvey
    using this knife to cut Press blankets. Company is improving on safety issues, and we feel that the Ceramic blade is safer for operators than the old metal retractable knives with sharp metal blades. This knife is still in the experimental stage. So far it is meeting our needs.
    0 replies
  • Mary Guikema
    Only used a time or two, but so far it's great. Cuts through thick card stock easily.
    0 replies
  • Joshua Iserloth
    Only thing I would like to see is a larger pack of blades for purchase with having so many facilities and individuals in the event of having to change a blade on several knives at once it will take a lot of 4 packs
    0 replies
  • Kira Mizell
    Great tool for our use in cutting and segmenting friable rock segments for trace metal analysis. They provide high accuracy and ease in addition to low contamination rates.
    0 replies
  • Justin Malament
    The knife itself is a decent product, but one of the blades broke when an assembler at my plan took the knife out of its packaging. This could have been because they were too rough with it, but I still feel the blade should not be in the open positioning while inside the packaging, since issues like this can happen & it's a potential safety hazard (this method of packaging is standard for these types of knives, but most knives are metallic). To solve this, Slice could just package the craft knife with the blade inside of it, and print a life-sized picture of the blade where the blade would be exposed. This way, the product is protected, doesn't produce a safety hazard, and customers can still see what the blade looks like before opening the package.
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