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Box Cutter Safety Poster

  • Box Cutter Safety Poster
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Every year, hand and wrist injuries cost millions of dollars to workplaces. Most of those injuries are from lacerations and many cause permanent damage to workers. Why not prevent cutting injuries in the first place? Display this 14-by-20-inch poster in breakrooms, shipping and receiving departments, on factory floors... wherever anyone uses these common—but potentially dangerous—tools. Remind everyone in your workplace that safety is your top priority.

  • Quality poster paper
  • 14 x 20 inches
  • Available only in the U.S.
  • SKU: Cat/Lit - BoxCutterPoster

Are Box Cutter Injuries Common?

Our box cutter safety poster points out that, “over one million U.S. hospital visits per year are due to hand injuries from dangerous blades”. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The National Safety Council lists “cuts, lacerations, and punctures” as one of the top three workplace injuries in the United States. So the short answer is, yes, box cutter injuries are frightfully common. 


Not only are they common, they’re expensive. Once you calculate the cost of potential human suffering (to the worker and anyone who depends on their salary), there are several costs associated with the injury itself. These include medical expenses, workers’ compensation, and raised insurance premiums.  The lost productivity has a ripple effect of indirect costs, including training if a replacement is needed. Direct and indirect costs add up, on average, to over $44,000 for a single laceration, according to OSHA. And that figure doesn’t include any sales required to make up for the lost time. 


Why is a Box Cutter Safety Poster Helpful?


Psychologists who study habits point out that every habit has three components: a cue, a routine, and a reward. If your workers are in the habit of using box cutters unsafely, your job is to disrupt this bad habit and replace it with a better one: safer box cutting practices. 


This habit change is sometimes difficult because the reward isn’t immediately apparent. Workers don’t think, “I made a successful cut without injuring myself!” every time they cut into a box. So the reward in this case is a bit invisible. The routine is laid out in our box cutter safety poster: cut away from your body, pay attention, wear gloves, and control blade exposure. These practices should always be communicated with in-person training.


But what about the cue? That’s where a safety poster comes in. Every time your workers spot the poster: on the floor, in the breakroom, in the hallways, they’ll be reminded of safe cutting practices. If you think the message is getting stale or that the poster is starting to blend into the background, move it! If it shows up in new places, the cue will stay fresh.


How Else Can I Protect Workers From Box Cutter Injuries?


Demonstration is key, as is supplying the safest box cutters available. Make sure your workers know you’re serious about safety and you’ll set the tone for their behavior, too. All these efforts—paired with an effective box cutter safety poster for reinforcement—are positive steps towards a workplace where everyone gets to go home safe at night.

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