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Tool Holster

  • The Slice® 10516 Tool Holster
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 SKU #10516

제품 설명 

The Slice® 10516 Tool Holster offers a convenient place to reach for all your Slice tools while on the job. Made from quality materials and construction methods, this holster has five pockets to hold a variety of tools securely. The included belt clip is also removable, giving you the option to hang your holster from just about anywhere. The main structure is made from a sturdy-but-flexible polyester weave, strong enough to withstand heavy use for years. Front and side pockets feature a stiff polyester-spandex elastic material that holds tools in snugly, regardless of their size. Pocket sizes are varied, so there’s a place for everything, from the smallest craft knife or pen, to the largest utility knife.

  • Made with durable polyester fabric
  • Exterior pockets made from polyester-spandex elastic
  • Belt clip can be removed for versatile storage
  • Approximately 20 cm tall x 7 cm wide
  • Features 2 interior and 3 exterior pockets
  • Quality construction ensures a lasting product
  • Designed for heavy-duty industrial use
  • SKU #10516

제품 상세 사양  

L 198.0 x W 75.0 x H 38.0 mm
Holdster Back: polypropylene webbing; Holdster Front: 80% polyester, 20% spandex (elastic band)
66.0 g


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