• 指輪式セーフティーカッター
  • Safety Cutter Ring - Features
  • 指輪式セーフティーカッター
  • 指輪式セーフティーカッター
  • 指輪式セーフティーカッター
  • 指輪式セーフティーカッター
  • 指輪式セーフティーカッター
  • 指輪式セーフティーカッター
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指先に装着し使用するSlice® 10583 指輪式セーフティーカッターでは、ビニール袋やクラムシェル包装など様々な包装資材にも対応。取外し可能なシリコンライニング入りでサイズの微調整ができる他、大半の指のサイズにフィットするフリーサイズ。安全性の高いマイクロセラミック刃は、手で安心して触れる事ができ、一般の鉄製刃と比べ11倍以上長くスムーズな切れ味を保ちます。指先と共にカッターが動くため、頸肩腕障害や頸肩腕症候群などのRSI症状を軽減。指輪式のカッターで、心地良いフィット感とよりスムーズで正確なカッティングが期待できます。

  • 刃先: マイクロセラミック刃
  • 強化ナイロン製リング/シリコンライニング取外し可能
  • 左右両手使用
  • 手で触れる事が可能な替刃/切れ味が11倍長持ち
  • 非発火性、非伝導性刃、非磁性
  • 怪我の減少、経費削減をサポート
  • 化学的不活性・錆びない
  • 100%酸化ジルコニウム製刃で高能率なカッティング
  • SKU #10583


L 27.0 x W 22.0 x H 25.0 mm
0.85 ±0.15 mm
6.0 g
GFN, silicone, zirconium oxide


What Is a Ring Knife?

A ring knife is any kind of knife you can wear as a ring. Some are designed as weapons and some as tools, but for the most part, they’re worn on the finger close to the knuckle, like a traditional ring. The Slice® Safety Cutter Ring is meant to give the user maximum dexterity, so it fits near the tip of the index finger, more like a thimble than a wedding ring. This design gives the user more control over cuts.

Some ring knives have exposed blades while others use a hook design to grab and cut string. In almost all cases, the blade is oriented so that it extends from the top, or outside, of the hand. Slice’s version places its micro-ceramic blade under the finger pad for comfort, safety, and control.

How Is the Slice Ring Knife Finger Friendly®?

The term “finger friendly” can be confusing with you’re talking about a tool you wear on your finger. When we say “finger friendly”, we’re talking specifically about the blade. The 10583’s micro-ceramic blade extends a mere millimeter (approximately) from the base, which means it’s very difficult to penetrate skin. In addition, the 100 percent zirconium oxide blade features our proprietary double-edged grind that is much safer to touch than traditional blades. The Safety Cutter Ring is safe enough to wear between cuts and is meant for continuous wear while performing repeated cuts.

What Can I Cut With the Safety Cutter Ring?

Despite its safer edge, this handy little ring knife can open a variety of packages, from paper and plastic bags to thin card stock, clamshell packaging, reinforced plastics, and plastic netting. It’s ideal for workers opening packaging or manufacturing materials over the course of a shift and is meant to be worn continuously for efficiency and comfort.

Will my Safety Cutter Ring Fit Me?

Our ring knife is designed to fit most adult hands. It includes an inner silicone adapter ring for smaller fingers, which can be removed for larger fingers.

Is This Tool Safe Around Children?

All Slice tools are much safer to touch than their traditional counterparts, whether metal or ceramic. That said, common-sense safety rules should always apply, including supervision for any child using a cutting tool. This ring is designed to fit snugly on adult fingers, so smaller fingers will not have the same level of control over the direction of the blade, and that should be taken into account.




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