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  • セーフティカッター
  • Safety Cutter - Features
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 SKU #00200


Slice® 00200 セーフティカッターは、Slice社が初期にデザインしたツールの一つで、今もなお、最もご愛用いただいている製品でもあります。本来、家庭用として考案されたこの製品ですが、包装パッケージやガムテープ包装を開けるのに優れた力を発揮し、世界中の工場や作業現場でも広く使われています。セーフティカッターのマイクロセラミック刃は、Slice製品の特長であるfinger-friendly®(指にやさしい)刃で、薄い素材を効率よく裁断できます。セーフティカッターのストラップ穴や内蔵型磁石は、このユニークで便利なツールを、すぐ手の届くところに置いておくのに役立ちます。

  • 刃の種類:マイクロセラミック刃
  • 内蔵型磁石、ストラップ穴付き
  • ABS素材、滑り止め加工の持ち手
  • 左右両利きに対応したデザイン
  • finger-friendly®(指にやさしい)刃で効率よく裁断
  • ケガの軽減、コストの削減
  • 非発火性、非電導性、非磁性の刃
  • 化学的不活性の刃、錆びない
  • オイルや潤滑油が不要な刃
  • 酸化ジルコニウム(100%)製の刃
  • 刃は金属刃に比べ耐摩耗性が11.2倍
  • SKU #00200


0.75 ±0.2 mm
8.4 g
L 61.0 x W 31.2 x H 5.5 mm
ABS, NdFeB magnet, zirconium oxide


4.6 / 5
89 レビュー
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
    This is a great addition to any office or place of business!
    0 replies
  • Susan Wilson
    4 months ago
    We love this product for our application and recommend it to our customers.
    0 replies
  • Carl Munn
    5 months ago
    Awesome product and best darn letter opener out there.
    0 replies
  • Robert Allingham
    8 months ago
    Very handy tool use it everyday now
    0 replies
  • Richard Francione
    1 year ago
    Wasn't able to use on the project we wanted them for as they took to long to get here.
    0 replies
  • Leonard Palmer
    1 year ago
    Good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    0 replies
  • Ben Retallick
    1 year ago
    Amazing that it does not cut skin with ceramic blade. Good for cutting paper or thin card. Did not prove successful for cutting plastic shrink wrap.
    0 replies
  • paula trego
    1 year ago
    Blades don’t stick out far enough to cut on cardboard
    0 replies
  • Jeryl Cohen
    1 year ago
    I am a nurse and it comes in handy for opening bags. I gifted this item to 4 people as I liked it so much.
    0 replies
  • Allen Gilberg
    2 years ago
    It works fine. It is not quite what I had hoped for--if you tilt it side-to-side it will change the cut depth. Generally it does not matter, but I was looking for something with a more controllable depth.
    0 replies
  • Jason Miller
    2 years ago
    No exposed blade and great that its magnetic
    0 replies
  • Stephen Macshane
    2 years ago
    Very nice little cutter! Wish the blade was just a tiny, tiny bit larger.
    0 replies
  • Richard Regan
    2 years ago
    Works great, and is safe.
    0 replies
  • Jacqueline Vadnais
    2 years ago
    These little cutters are perfect! I keep one by the front door to open packages and one in the kitchen for...whatever. Have also given them as gifts and everyone loves them!
    0 replies
  • Jacqueline Vadnais
    2 years ago
    I order almost everything online now, so I reach for the little green slicer almost every day to open shipping boxes. I gave one to my sister and she said either she or her husband use theirs every day, too!
    0 replies