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ユーティリティカッターナイフ 刃先調整固定式

  • Slice® 10550 ユーティリティカッターナイフ 刃先調整固定式(セラミック安全刃を使用)
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Manual Utility Knife - Features
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  • Slice 10550 Manual Utility Knife
  • Slice 10550 Manual Utility Knife with Slice 10526 Utility Knife Blade (Rounded Tip)
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 品番 #10550


Slice® 10550 ユーティリティカッターナイフ 刃先調整固定式 は、Slice社のユーティリティナイフ(全3種)のうちの1つです。このナイフは5段階調整式(完全に刃を持ち手に収納した状態を含む)で、用途に応じ、ユーザーが刃の長さを選んで固定します。刃には、Slice社の独自の研磨法を使用したfinger-friendly®(指にやさしい)セラミック刃を使用しています。Slice社の他のユーティリティナイフと同様に、ユーティリティカッターナイフ 刃先調整固定式の持ち手は、耐久性の高いグラスファイバー強化ナイロン製です。Slice社のセラミック刃は、耐摩耗性が高く、切れ味が持続します。また、非発火性、非磁性、化学的不活性で、錆びることがありません。さらに、1600°Cまで耐熱です。

  • 持ち手の種類:刃先調整固定式(5段階)
  • 耐久性の高いグラスファイバー強化ナイロン製持ち手
  • 適合する替刃:10526、10528
  • finger-friendly®(指にやさしい)刃で、金属刃に比べ耐摩耗性が11倍
  • ケガの軽減、コストの削減
  • 非発火性、非電導性の刃
  • 左右両利きに対応するデザイン
  • 携帯に便利なストラップ穴付き
  • 刃の交換に工具不要
  • 刃の交換回数が減る=怪我が減る
  • SKU #10550


22.36 mm
66.5 g
L 154.0 x W 35.7 x H 22.0 mm
GFN, POM, carbon steel, zirconium oxide


4.3 / 5
16 レビュー
  • Danielle Blier
    2 years ago
    Good quality
    0 replies
  • Narelle Urli
    2 years ago
    Really good happy with these.
    0 replies
  • Mark Scott
    2 years ago
    great product and makes a perfect gift
    0 replies
  • Robert Vail
    3 years ago
    0 replies
  • Susan MacKinnon
    3 years ago
    easy use and the blade does not stay open
    0 replies
  • Robert Phillips
    3 years ago
    Great product works as advertised.
    0 replies
  • Larry Longstreth
    3 years ago
    I would like to see these products shipped with a pointed blade not the rounded one.
    0 replies
  • Deborah Mahan
    3 years ago
    Slice knife returned - did not cut well without using a lot of downward force. Would not recommend.
    0 replies
  • Marlene Van Bibber
    3 years ago
    Great item and fast shipping.
    0 replies
  • Bob Wendlick
    3 years ago
    Great new tool for us. I would recommend this product to anyone cutter open cardboard boxes.
    0 replies
  • Jigar Patel
    3 years ago
    Perfect for safety and quality.
    0 replies
  • Francois Chenard
    4 years ago
    Great service and a great product!!!
    0 replies
  • Darbi Reyes
    4 years ago
    Again great product but expensive.
    0 replies
  • Dustin Warner
    0 replies
  • David Brigdon
    Trial by fire so to speak after checking if the Knife in fact was sharp I tested on several materials,, paper, card board , gasket material, rubber belting with and with out cords, tape on boxes, leather gloves and skin( yes I tried on my own skin ) results were impressive to say the least the knifes cut everything I tested it on and cut very well with the exception of the skin while the knife did scratch the surface of the skin (i have had worst scratches from a cat) the amount of pressure applied to scratch the skin with this knife using the same pressure with a regular steel blade the result would have be much for severe.. I wouldn't claim this knife wont cut the skin but the severity or the cut will be lessened using this knife over that of steel blades.. fact is it a knife and should be treated as any knife and used in a safe manor with caution
    0 replies


Slice製品を使用したコスト削減と労災防止について ユーティリティカッターナイフ 刃先調整固定式.