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セラミック ラージハサミ

  • セラミックハサミ(ラージサイズ)
  • Large Scissors - Features
  • セラミック ラージハサミ
  • Large Ceramic Scissors
  • セラミック ラージハサミ
  • Large Scissors - Packaging
 SKU #10545


Slice® 10545 セラミック・ラージハサミでも手で安心して触れる事の出来る刃は、幅広いハサミの需要に対応可。持ち手部分のソフトライニング加工で心地よいグリップを実現。軽量モデルで長時間の使用でも手や関節を痛めにくいデザインです。Slice製安全刃の技術により、一般のハサミに比べ効率の良いカッティング作業ができ、非伝導性、非磁性、非発火性などの特徴を始め、楽に汚れが落とせ、錆びる事もありません。10545は、左右両利きにも対応、左利きの方もスムーズに作業ができます。

  • 酸化ジルコニウム製Slice® 安全刃
  • 持ち手: 耐久性の高い強化ナイロン製/ソフトタッチ・グリップ
  • 一般のハサミに比べ安全
  • 左右両手使用
  • 手で触れる事が可能な替刃/切れ味が11倍長持ち
  • 刃の交換回数減少=怪我の軽減
  • 怪我の減少、経費削減をサポート
  • 非発火性、非伝導性刃、非磁性
  • 化学的不活性・錆びない
  • オイルや滑剤不要
  • BPA、フタル酸エステル、鉛(リード)不使用
  • 軽量・コンパクト
  • SKU #10545


L 200.0 x W 76.0 x H 13.3 mm
60.0 ±1.0 mm
91.0 g
GFN, TPE, stainless steel, zirconium oxide


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  • Trusted Customer
    Aug 14, 2018
    Good on paper but on anything that requires any sort of force the joint holding them together bends and opens up changing the geometry of the cutting surface. Which brings me to my next point, if you look at the blades of the scissors from the side with them closed. There is a gap at the bottom and then it forms an A shape to the tip where only the tips are touching. They need to be flat on eachother. When you open them the blades actually cross paths the farther they open. This makes things twist over in them bending the joint opening it even more. Overall good scissors for paper but for the price they under preform. Higly Dissappointed.
    1 reply
    • Hi there - thanks for taking the time to leave your comments - it sounds like you may have a defective pair of scissors - as you can see from the videos, we actually cut kevlar reinforced fabric with these scissors -- they're not made for thick material, or hard material, but they cut many items like butter - please contact us for exchange - thank you! // TEAM SLICE // San Jose, California
      Mr TJ Scimone
      from Slice, Inc.
      Aug 14, 2018


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