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セラミック コンパクトハサミ

  • Slice® 10544 セラミック コンパクトハサミ
  • Slice Ceramic Scissors (Small) - Features
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 品番 #10544


Slice® 10544 セラミック コンパクトハサミには、Slice社独自の研磨法によるfinger-friendly®(指にやさしい)刃を使用しています。誤って指を切ることもなく安心してお使いいただけることから、効率よく裁断することができます。Slice社のハサミは、左右両利きに対応しており、軽量で使いやすく、耐久性が高いため、工場やオフィス、教育現場など、様々な場所でお使いいただいています。グリップは柔らかな内張りで、持ち手は耐久性の高いグラスファイバー強化ナイロン製です。心地よく指にフィットするだけでなく、丈夫さも兼ね備えています。Slice社のセラミック安全刃はいずれも、非発火性で化学的不活性です。

  • 酸化ジルコニウム製の刃
  • 柔らかな内張りのグリップ
  • BPA、フタル酸エステル、鉛(リード)不使用
  • finger-friendly®(指にやさしい)刃は、金属刃に比べ耐摩耗性が11倍
  • 非電導性、非磁性の刃
  • 左右両利きに対応するデザイン
  • 非発火性の刃
  • 化学的不活性、錆びない
  • 耐久性の高いグラスファイバー強化ナイロン製持ち手
  • 軽くてコンパクト
  • SKU #10544


52.0 ±1.0 mm
35.0 g
L 141.5 x W 66.5 x W 12.75 mm
GFN, TPE, stainless steel, zirconium oxide


4.3 / 5
8 レビュー
  • Genevieve Ivers
    2 years ago
    The scissors are very nice. Unfortunately, they did not work for my particular application.
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  • Chalisse Rovere
    2 years ago
    Employees are trialing a few different slice products on the shop floor and I have had nothing but positive feedback so far. Great products!
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  • Marc Gordin
    3 years ago
    These have the potential to be great scissors but they are just built too cheap. The joint is cracked and they dont even close all the way. Again there is a gap between the bottom of the blades and the tip (see pictures) Just built with quality not in mind so dissappointed for the price. I ordered 5 of these for my company. They wont even cut yarn.
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  • jeff hulley
    3 years ago
    fine tool. my only regret is that I didn't get a larger size. This size almost looks more like a novelty, than a tool.
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  • Marlene Van Bibber
    3 years ago
    Great item, fast shipping.
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  • Brigid Marsh
    3 years ago
    Good scissors. The team is trialing for a variety of tasks.
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  • Wanda Fischer
    4 years ago
    I love these scissors! Our lab handles very corrosive products and traditional scissors rust very quickly. No worries about rust with these! They are sharp, but the design makes them safe. I took a pair onboard an airplane with no issues.
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  • James Viebrock
    Awesome Product! Trialing for full implementation in our production area to cut fiber. Have experienced a lot of scissor cuts in the past and these scissors seem to have a lot of promise in reducing/eliminating scissor cuts while at the same time providing the necessary tool for our operators to use for their job. Would recommend a more 'industrial' version with larger finger holes.
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Slice製品を使用したコスト削減と労災防止について セラミック コンパクトハサミ.