シームリッパー 刃先自動収納式

  • シームリッパー 刃先自動収納式
  • シームリッパー  刃先自動収納式
  • Auto-Retractable Seam Ripper - Features
  • シームリッパー  刃先自動収納式
  • シームリッパー  刃先自動収納式
  • Auto-Retractable Seam Ripper - Packaging
  • 10597 -- Compatible Blades
  • Seam Ripper Blade
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Slice® 10597シームリッパー 刃先自動収納式は、セラミック製の刃を使用した新しいコンセプトのリッパーです。自動収納とラウンド刃内蔵で更なる安全性を追求しました。手で安全に触れる事のできるセラミック製替刃を用いたリッパーはSliceが初となり、ペンの様に長さのあるグリップは卓上で転がらない構造、強化ナイロン製で耐久性にも優れます。ラウンド型と鋭角型刃先の替刃オプションがあり、使用の対象に合わせて使い分けができます。

  • 内蔵替刃: 10536 セラミックリッパー替刃(ラウンド刃先)
  • 強化ナイロン持ち手
  • 左右両手使用
  • 対応刃: 10536, 10537 
  • 刃の交換回数減少=怪我の軽減
  • 手で触れる事が可能な替刃/切れ味が11倍長持ち
  • 化学的不活性・錆びない
  • 非発火性、非伝導性刃、非磁性
  • オイルや滑剤不用
  • 怪我の減少、経費削減をサポート
  • 刃の交換に工具不要
  • SKU #10597


L 147.0 x W 21.0 x W 8.3 mm
GFN, POM, stainless steel, carbon steel, zirconium oxide
18.07 g

More About the Slice® Auto-Retractable Seam Ripper

What Are the Most Popular Retractable Seam Ripper Uses?

Traditional seam rippers aren’t retractable, but demand for such a tool has increased as industries and consumers alike look for safer alternatives to traditional tools. As such, retractable seam rippers are used by people who are primarily concerned with safety.

How Is the Slice Auto-Retractable Seam Ripper Unique?

Slice pushes the boundaries of the conventional retractable seam ripper definition by introducing a new kind of blade never before seen on the market: an advanced ceramic blade. And while we’re at it, of course we don’t use unnecessarily sharp advanced ceramics, which pose the same risk for lacerations as overly sharp metal blades. The edges of all our blades are finger friendly®, which means they cut effectively and are safer to touch. Choose from the installed 10536 rounded-tip blade or the 10537 pointed-tip version.

Which Blades Should I Use?

As with all our tools, the blade you use depends on your application and your priorities. In general, a rounded-tip blade is safer, as it’s less likely to cause accidental punctures. If, however, the material you need to cut requires a pointed tip to initiate the cut, you’ll have to forego the protection of a rounded tip in favor of better usability.

How Do I Change the Blade in the 10597 Seam Ripper?

As with all Slice tools, our seam rippers have an easy, no-tool blade change. To do this,

1) Hold the seam ripper so that the slider is on top and the small grey nub is on the bottom.
2) Make sure the blade is fully retracted, as the blade-change cap cannot be removed when the blade is extended.
3) To remove the blade-change cap, push in the grey nub with your thumb and tilt the bottom of the cap away from the handle, as though there is an invisible hinge between the top of the cap and the top of the handle. Pull the cap away.
4) Once the cap is removed, extend the blade fully and remove it from its (green/orange) housing. 
5) Place the new blade in the housing, ensuring that the notch lines up properly.
6) Retract the blade fully and replace the blade-change cap by hinging it back on with the same angle you used to remove it.




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