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Cuchillas manualidades (rectas, punta redonda)

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Las cuchillas para manualidades Slice 10518  son cuchillas de un solo filo que cuentan con un borde recto y una punta redondeada. Estas cuchillas están diseñadas exclusivamente para utilizar en nuestros cutters para manualidades y son ideales para realizar cortes y raspaduras perfectas. Al igual que el resto de las cuchillas cerámicas de seguridad de Slice, no producen chispas, no son magnéticas, son químicamente inertes, se mantiene en perfectas condiciones en temperaturas de hasta 1600 ºC, y nunca se oxidan. Nuestro filo de seguridad patentado corta los materiales con gran eficacia y de manera más segura.

  • Tipo de cuchilla: borde recto, punta redondeada
  • 4 cuchillas de un solo filo por paquete
  • Herramienta compatible: 10548
  • Cuchilla de seguridad que se mantiene afilada 11 veces más tiempo
  • Reduce las lesiones, reduce costos
  • Se mantiene en perfectas condiciones en temperaturas de hasta 1600 ºC
  • Químicamente inerte, nunca se oxida
  • No se precisan herramientas para cambiar la cuchilla
  • Menos cambios de cuchilla = menos lesiones
  • Ref. # 10518

Great for:

  • Manipulating laboratory samples
  • Arts and crafts
  • Slicing plastics and decals
  • Intricate shapes and precise cuts

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:

Material: zirconium oxide

Dimensions: L 1.28 in x W0.24 in x H0.03 in

Weight: 0.02 lb

Sell Sheet


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  • Cutting Copper Foil: It’s Easy With Slice Tools
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  • How To Cut Felt
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What Do People Use Craft Knives For?

People use craft knives for many laboratory and craft-related applications, such as precision cutting and gentle scraping. These hand-held precision tools are extremely versatile.

When it comes to craft knife blades, sizes don’t vary greatly. What sets Slice® craft blades apart is their finger-friendly® edge, which isn’t found on any other blade—neither metal nor ceramic. In addition, Slice uses an advanced ceramic material, which never rusts and does not require a special oil coating to maintain.

What Kind of Craft Knife Blades Does Slice Make?

Slice offers several different craft knife blade styles. These include: the 10518 (straight edge, rounded tip), the 10519 (straight edge, pointed tip), the 10520 (curved edge, rounded tip), the 10532 (corner stripping), the 10534 (chisel), 10535 (narrow, double-sided chisel), the 10536 (rounded-tip seam ripper), and the 10537 (pointed-tip seam ripper).

Experiment with the different shapes to discover which edge suits your needs. In all cases, the blades feature our safer edge.

How Do I Replace a Slice Craft Knife Blade?

As with all our tools, Slice has designed a tool-free process to switch craft knife replacement blades. The process differs slightly for each tool. Here’s a quick rundown:

For the 10568 scalpel
Simply pull the ceramic blade out of its housing. The mechanism will automatically contract. Slide in a new blade and the grip will squeeze it, ensuring a strong hold.

For the 10548, 10589, and 10580 knives
First loosen the copper collar by twisting it counter clockwise. Then pull the blade out, replace it with a new one, and tighten the collar by twisting it clockwise.