Arthritis-Friendly Tools for Independent Living

Dexterity issues can make common cutting tasks very challenging, and relying on others to open your online orders, clamshell packaging and shrink wrapped food is frustrating. Slice has developed ergonomic safety tools to help you cut with confidence and regain your independence.

  • Manual Box Cutter

    "For anyone with arthritic hands this is a lifesaver. I get a lot of packages due to my business. I have very bad arthritis and this has saved me. So easy to use and opens boxes like a dream. I cannot recommend this product enough." -- Barbara R.

  • Manual Mini Cutter

    "I love this little tool! I have arthritis in my hands and it’s difficult to open those cello packs that they use for things like snacks, plastic ware, and so forth. No more struggle or frustration- I keep one of these in my purse and zip-zap I can quickly (and quietly) open any package or cut any string I encounter. It’s really small- but designed so that it’s easy to hold and use, even with arthritis." -- Cynthia A.

  • Safety Cutter

    "This little tool really works! The only
    problem I have with it is that I keep misplacing it! It makes opening up
    a my packages so easy even though I have arthritis in both hands." -- M. Feliciano

  • Rotary Scissors

    "These scissors are good for cutting gift wrap. They are safe and with some practice, easy to use. My mother loves wrapping gifts but arthritis has hampered her dexterity. She loves these. They are limited in that they work effectively only with thin, stiff materials." -- Jennifer L.

  • Self-Opening Scissors

    "I am very happy with them. They are well made and do not irritate my arthritis either, for which I am grateful." -- Sarah T.

  • Finger-Friendly® Blades

    "If you have ever suffered from a box cutter injury this tool is the answer. I had a garage full of boxes from moving and needed to break them down to recycle and after a severe injury with a box cutter I was looking for something to break down boxes easy and quick. This device is easy to hold and use, the best thing is I don't have to worry about slips or cut through and the emergency room visit that follows."

Choose Your Kit

  • Love these openers. I have developed arthritis in my hands which makes it difficult to do things that used to be easy. These tools help tremendously in daily life.

    Linda K.

  • I love it! I have Rhuemoid arthritis in my hands and used to struggle or have help opening boxes especially Fedex boxes. These make it soooooooo much easier with one or two cuts the boxes are open

    Karen G.

  • This is a gem of a tool. Especially having arthritis in my hands - it's a breeze to use and very safe.


  • For anyone with arthritic hands this is a lifesaver. I get a lot of packages due to my business and the pandemic. I have very bad arthritis and this has saved me. So easy to use and opens boxes like a dream. Makes recycling boxes so much easier. I cannot recommend this product enough. You won't be sorry! Not dangerous at all, and I'm very happy with it.

    Barbara R.

  • I have had multiple hand surgeries and have lost some fine motor skills. I also have arthritis. I am no longer able to use a standard, small box
    cutter. If I manage to keep it open; I can’t keep hold of it. This box cutter has been perfect. Not only can I hold it without pain and/or dropping it; it also works great. It even cuts through strapping tape in one pass.

    Deborah T.

  • I’m getting arthritis in my hands so it just the right shape and weight. So much easier to open my boxes. I liked it so much that I bought one for my friend. She liked it too.