A Hobby Knife by Slice Makes Creations More Fun and Far Safer

If you’re an avid craft hobbyist, you’re no stranger to the convenience of a hobby knife. For those new to crafts, you may not know why straight razor blades are inferior to specialty scrapbooking tools. Also, a pair of scissors doesn’t always (forgive the pun) cut it for many applications. Here are several pointers on why using a hobby knife is better for all kinds of hobbies and crafting creations.

What Is a Hobby Knife?

A craft blade or a paper craft knife has many features that set it apart from a standard retractable blade. First, a textured handle allows for a more comfortable grip. It should fit in your hand like a pen, allowing you to hold it safely and comfortably for optimal control. Curved and straight-edge hobby knives provide the opportunity for detailing that you want for all types of projects. Where a razor blade is solely practical for making straight cuts, a hobby blade helps you cut out everything from perfect circles to delicate, intricate patterns.

Drawbacks of Other Paper Cutting Tools

If you’ve ever used other blades and had the handle slip in your hand, you may have already started using craft cutting tools. Safety features are increasingly important when you’re working with a sharp edge. This helpful video describes how the point at the tip of a traditional blade can be quite dangerous if mishandled.

It is also important to point out that traditional blades do not stay sharp as long as ceramic hobby knife blades, making them less cost-effective and precise over time. Also, the design of a traditional box cutter performs well only under the conditions it was designed for: it cuts dense, thick cardboard. A precision knife, on the other hand, works with thinner materials like craft paper and card stock.

Common Uses for a Craft Knife

No scrapbooking kit is complete without safe paper cutting tools that are sharp enough for cutting stickers, photos, borders, and custom patterns. Some other common applications for hobby knives are:

  • Stenciling
  • Cutting vinyl
  • Crafting miniatures
  • Model cutting
  • Sculpting foam
  • Sewing
  • Baking
  • Making custom jewelry
  • Creating Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations
Scrapbooking, planner, and various craft supplies and projects
Scrapbooking and other paper crafts are easier and more fun with the right tools.

Examples of Hobby Knife Types

As avid craft lover, you likely have a hobby knife set for a variety of activities. Before you invest in new craft cutting tools, check out the breakdown of the knives that may be helpful for your individual hobbies.

Slice Precision Cutter

Metal precision blades are typically fabricated from tougher alloy than steel, although advanced ceramics are even harder. An art scalpel allows you to cut intricate stenciling and design collaging projects as well as any other work that requires ultimate control. The ultra-compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for cutting thin paper. Check out how fun it is to use the Slice® Precision Cutter to create festive holiday themes in your planner.

Slice Craft Knife

A craft knife or craft scalpel with an inert, ceramic tip is safe for all kinds of hobbies, like working with electronics and models. The Slice ceramic edge is also less likely to cut skin and remains sharp for hours of use. Many have both curved and straight blades for different applications. This video demonstrates how easy it is to use our Craft Knife to cut shrink wrap in RC modeling.

Slice Precision Knife

Slice Precision Knife

This hobby blade has a ring-style handle to decrease fatigue and increase accuracy. These paper cutting art tools also work well for jewelry making, art classes, and even sculpting. Precision hobby tools are the perfect implements for you and the family to use for winning the neighborhood pumpkin-carving contest at Halloween, or for cutting perfect shapes into baked goods like pies and holiday cookies.

Hobby Cutting Tools: Designed For Your Needs

Specialized craft cutters pose less of an injury risk and improve comfort and accuracy for all your favorite activities. Whether you need a precision blade or hobby scalpel for work or home use, these craft tools ensure that you have all the fun you need without any more unintended cuts. Check out our Precision Knives inventory and add one to your hobby knife collection today.


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