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What Are Ceramic Scissors?

Ceramic scissors are any scissors that use a ceramic material for their blades. Various styles of ceramic blade scissors are available. All ceramics are lightweight but not all ceramics are made of the same material. The best ceramic scissors use durable advanced ceramics, also called engineered ceramics or zirconium oxide, to ensure longevity and performance.

Are Ceramic Scissors Safer?

Slice ceramic scissors differ from other ceramic scissors in a few important ways. First of all, they use the patented Slice manufacturing process, which creates an edge that performs well while prioritizing safety. Slice's finger-friendly scissors are a favorite choice for teachers and group home workers looking for safety scissors for adults or children. With rounded tips, a safer edge, and BPA, phthalate and lead-free construction, Slice Ceramic Scissors are designed with safety in mind.

The properties of advanced ceramics are well-suited for use in industrial safety scissors as well. Slice's ceramic scissors are non-sparking, non-conductive, chemically inert, and they never rust. This makes them ideal for use with electrical components, for example.

What Can Ceramic Scissors Cut?

Zirconium oxide is extremely hard—second only to diamonds. As such, Slice Ceramic Scissors can handle a wide range of materials, from soft papers, art materials, and plastics, to stiff corrugated, fishing line, and clamshell packaging. Because their blades are so hard, these scissors last up to ten times longer than steel.

Are Slice Ceramic Scissors Sturdy?

Slice uses zirconium oxide—which is much harder than steel—for its ceramic scissor blades. In fact, Slice blades have been proven to last ten times longer than steel through independent studies. For a more durable blade, Slice makes its ceramic scissor blades thicker. We use glass-filled nylon to add extra strength to the handle and line it with comfort-grip plastic.

Are Slice Scissors Good for Left-Handed People?

Slice designs many of its tools for right and left-handers, and our ambidextrous scissors are no exception. Whether you're interested in our Ceramic Scissors, our precision scissors, or our Stainless Steel Scissors, it won't matter whether you're a lefty or a righty. Ambidextrous scissors are also useful in any environment where a number of different people (employees, students, or residents, for example) will be sharing their tools.

Does Slice Make Metal Scissors?

In 2008, Slice collaborated with award-winning industrial designer Karim Rashid to create our Stainless Steel Scissors with their distinctive lay-flat profile. Through the design process, we discovered that many scissors are made with plastic components and oil coatings on their blades. Our 100 percent metal scissors are ideal for industrial use, where tools must be cleaned with aggressive solvents that can break down non-metal components.

The best scissors for you will depend on your needs. Look to Slice's metal scissor options for applications that require all metal components or small, precise cuts. If safety is your main priority, choose Slice ceramic scissors.

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