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Major International Group Saves on Safety Costs With Slice Safety Blades

VOITH has business interests in multiple sectors, including the automotive industry. In 2015, VOITH's Ford manufacturing plant in Windsor, Ontario, replaced all their metal blade box cutters with Slice® safety blades. Initially, employees were not convinced that the new cutters would work as well as traditional box cutters. After demonstrations and encouraging all employees to try out the new safety blades, staff members now agree that Slice safety blades work better than traditional blades for their applications.

We have not had to replace any blades yet and some knives have been in use every day from three months already.

The Ford plant is so impressed with the safety record of Slice blades, that its safety managers have decided to eliminate the use of level 4 Kevlar® gloves. Slice suggests that decisions about safety glove procedures are internal and unique to each organization, but we're happy to share VOITH's vote of confidence in the safety of our blades. Not only has VOITH saved money on safety gloves, it has reduced costs on replacement blades. In January 2016, Ford Windsor noted, "We have not had to replace any blades yet and some knives have been in use every day for three months already.

  • Eliminated

    the need for expensive protective gear

  • Lowered

    blade replacement frequency


Safety blades that helped eliminate the need for expensive protective gear and reduce frequent blade changes for VOITH:

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