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Deburring Blade (Convex)

  • The Slice® 10483 Deburring Blade (Convex)
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Deliver perfectly smooth products and parts with the durable Slice® 10483 convex deburring blade. Designed for industrial use, this thick deburring blade seamlessly removes burrs and other surface defects from materials like raw sheet metal edges and injection-moulded plastics. The convex blade is made from 100 percent zirconium oxide, a type of ceramic that is much harder than steel. It offers a more durable alternative to traditional steel deburring blades, as it lasts up to 11 times longer than metal blades—necessitating fewer blade changes. The 10483 is designed from the ground up for use with the Slice 10482 Deburring Tool. This chemically inert blade will never rust and requires no additional care to maintain its efficiency.


A worn blade can be easily replaced by pushing the safety button in and sliding the outer sheath off the blade holder, allowing a new blade to be inserted into the holder before reassembling the tool. With a maneuverable profile to get into difficult areas and a durable, long-lasting composition, the Slice deburring blade increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace while significantly reducing injury-related costs.

  • Blade type: convex
  • Lasts up to 11x longer than metal blades
  • Reduces injuries, lowers costs
  • Non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic
  • Chemically inert; never rusts
  • Does not require sharps box disposal
  • 100 percent recyclable
  • Oil and lubricant free
  • Compatible handles: 10482
  • 2 single-edge blades per pack
  • SKU #10483

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L 60.0 x W 15.0 x H 1.8 mm
7.6 g
zirconium oxide

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