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Everyday we work with Fortune-1000 companies to replace metal blades in their facilities with safer, more cost effective Slice ceramic blades.  However, it surprised me to see the traction we've received with our all-metal 100% stainless steel Slice 10420 Scissors —

                                                                                                                                                                             Sometimes Metal Isn't So Bad ...

With customers ranging from cheese factories in Wisconsin to pharmaceutical plants in the United Kingdom — and everything in between (including the Museum of Modern Art in New York).  What draws them to these freakishly shaped scissors? The simple fact that they're 100% metal with no plastic components, no coatings, and offer safe, rounded tips. 



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Safe Enough For An 8th Grader

A big THANK YOU to Rohan – an 8th grader from HighTechHigh in San Diego — for sharing this amazing artwork he created with the Slice, Inc. Precision Cutter.

 "We are studying paper cutting and stencil making and I have taken my Slice precision cutter in to work on my pieces. My friends and I love this cutter and one of my friends borrows mine when I am not using it." — Rohan

The Slice Precision Cutter is an incredibly SAFE alternative to dangerous craft-style blades – featuring a patented Slice micro-ceramic blade.

What can u do with Slice Precision Cutters?  Contact Slice today to remove dangerous metal blades from your locations.  

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TI Automotive Uses Slice

TI Automotive, a global manufacturer of automotive fluid storage and delivery systems with 23,000 employees at 130 locations in 28 countries, uses Slice to eliminate metal blades from their operations that require opening boxes, removing shrink wrap or tape and breaking down cardboard for recycling.  Contact Slice today so we can help you remove metal blades from your facilities, reduce costs and lower the risk of injury.

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Chevron-Phillips Uses Slice

"(Chevron-Phillips) ordered your product mid last year and trialed it in the plant with great success … you have a very good product here with safety in mind …  we are using them for opening boxes, cutting cardboard sheets and cutting open shrink wrap … these are to replace retractable box cutters.  Keep up the great work and stay safe."

— Brian E., Safety and Training Representative,  
    Chevron Phillips Chemical Company – Performance Pipe




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One of our Fortune-1000 multi-national customers previously used single-edged razor blades for detailed, hand-held trimming at their locations all over the world.  

Slice worked with the customer at their multiple locations to help them continue their quest for metal-blade-free operations by replacing these dangerous blades with our Slice ceramic Finger Friendly 10524 Ceramic Utility Blade.  Sharp enough to get the job done, but significantly safer to hold and use vs. traditional metal blades.   Additionally, Slice 10524 Ceramic Utility Blades (like all Slice ceramics) never rust, have no oil-finish like traditional metal blades, are non-sparking, non-conductive, chemically inert, and last up to 10x longer vs. metal. 

Contact Slice today and eliminate dangerous metal blades from your operations.


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