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"The employees didn't care for the safety knives — they want to use folding razor blades."

No, really, I'm not fabricating this quote — an end-user company actually just emailed me the above statement.

If a company doesn't have a dedicated Safety Professional I often have no choice but to work with someone who doesn't have the training, knowledge, or authority to enforce whats right for their organization vs. what's popular internally.

Whenever I hear the response, "I gave them to my warehouse guys to see if they like them" it's like the Kiss of Death —


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Michael Graves : 1934-2015

Since Slice first started in 2008, we have had the honor to work with many amazing artists, designers, and architects. Among the most memorable collaborations was a series of meetings back in late 2008 with Michael Graves – easily one of the most influential architects of all time.


Michael Graves was well known for many landmark architectural projects all over  the world, including the Humana Building in Louisville, the Clos Pegase Winery  in Napa, California, several Disney hotels,  and the Washington Monument  Restoration project in our Nations Capital.

Despite this, he may be better known for his design of products for companies  like Alessi (for whom he designed the famous Tea Kettle with the little bird on the  spout) and of course the many products that bear his name at Target. 

Michael Graves was kind enough to use his amazing talents to develop a line of  unique precision tweezers for Slice – hands down the most beautiful and functional tweezers ever manufactured (in our humble opinion), due entirely to Mr. Graves and his team.


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Thanks to our friends at Penobscot McCrum LLC – Distinctive Potato Products since 1886 – for their great testimonial on Slice ceramic-blade cutting tools.

"Thank you for your follow up and exceptional product. My packaging department absolutely LOVES these cutters, always sharp – with NO injuries!" – K. Rockafellow, Penobscot McCrum – Distinctive Potato Products

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I’m a granite/quartz fabricator and we use the Slice ceramic blades to clean white quartz (manmade granite).  The standard metal utility blades leave silver metal marks on the white materials.  But the white Slice ceramics do not.

—  Guy Robertson – Robertson Manufacturing, Inc., Davenport, IA

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Everyday we work with Fortune-1000 companies to replace metal blades in their facilities with safer, more cost effective Slice ceramic blades.  However, it surprised me to see the traction we've received with our all-metal 100% stainless steel Slice 10420 Scissors —

                                                                                                                                                                             Sometimes Metal Isn't So Bad ...

With customers ranging from cheese factories in Wisconsin to pharmaceutical plants in the United Kingdom — and everything in between (including the Museum of Modern Art in New York).  What draws them to these freakishly shaped scissors? The simple fact that they're 100% metal with no plastic components, no coatings, and offer safe, rounded tips. 



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