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Slice® KIT17 Better Yet Kit has everything you need and more in one set. These five tools can tackle any household project, and with Slice’s finger-friendly® edge, you’ll be free to work without fear of cutting yourself. 


The 10400 Manual Box Cutter features an ergonomic handle that wraps around your fingers, protecting you while you cut and lessening your risk for wrist strain. Its shallow cutting depth also minimizes blade exposure, protecting what’s inside of your package. This Box Cutter is great for opening clamshell packaging, pet food bags, and boxes. 


The 10515 Manual Mini Cutter has a built-in magnet, so it’s easy to find. Its handle boasts a textured slider, which gives you the ability to lock the blade in two positions: exposed and retracted. You’ll always have control over the blade position of this versatile tool. You can use this Mini Cutter to open letters, bubble-wrap envelopes, taped boxes, and food packaging.


The 10545 Ceramic Scissors have soft-touch finger grips so that you can use them comfortably. The blades are much safer to the touch than standard scissor blades, but they can still cut effectively. In addition, they’re lightweight for ease of use. Utilize these Ceramic Scissors to cut fabric, paper, card stock, vinyl, felt, and yarn. 


The 00200 Safety Cutter is one of Slice’s first tools, and it’s still popular today. This cutter’s micro-ceramic blade protects your fingers from unnecessary blade exposure while seamlessly cutting thin materials. The most popular uses for this Safety Cutter include cutting packing tape, plastic wrap, and tissue paper. 


The 10513 Manual Pen Cutter has a textured slider, giving you total control over the blade’s cutting depths. It’s compatible with the 10404 rounded-tip blades and the 10408 pointed-tip blades so that you can take on countless tasks. Use the Pen Cutter for slicing plastic, cardboard, and paper.

  • Finger-friendly® blade cuts effectively 
  • Ceramic blade never rusts
  • Blade edge lasts up to 11.2 times longer than metal 
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic blade 
  • Reduces injuries 
  • Oil- and lubricant-free blade
  • 100 percent zirconium oxide blade 
  • Lightweight design

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