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Kitchen Bundle

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Tired of wrestling with pesky food packaging in the kitchen? Are you spending more time struggling to access your ingredients than cooking? Stop the struggle with the Slice® Kitchen Bundle, and make your time in the kitchen more fruitful and enjoyable.

This culinary bundle includes the Slice Scissors, Mini Cutter, and a free Safety Cutter. Designed to cut everything except you, these tools boast a Finger-Friendly® edge that never rusts. Glide safely and seamlessly through pet food bags, food netting, challenging shrink wrap, and wine seals, so you can spend more time eating and less time prepping. Use the scissors to cut through veggies, herbs, even pizza!

From opening frozen meat packaging to cutting through the layers of plastic wrap around cheese while protecting the food inside, Slice makes people and places safer. Learn more below.

  • Safer than traditional blades
  • 100% zirconium oxide blade that never rusts
  • Blade lasts on average 11.2x longer than metal blades
  • Easy-to-use ambidextrous design

Great for:

  • Slicing plastic wrap
  • Opening food packaging of all shapes and sizes
  • Cutting open pet food bags
  • Cutting through plastic clamshells

Product Specifications

Cutting Depth:


Dimensions: L x W x H

Weight: 0.4 lb