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Sketch Kit

  • The Slice Sketch Kit: the 10548 Craft Knife and the 10513 Pen Cutter
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The most popular Slice® tools for colored pencil art are now bundled together in one essential kit! Award-winning artists love the precision and control of the 10548 Craft Knife to shape fine details like hair or fur on animal portraits. The 10513 Pen Cutter features a thicker blade with a different shape, expanding your options for different line styles.


Both tools feature our proprietary finger-friendly® blades so you can concentrate on your art without worrying about injuries. The blades effectively scrape away color without damaging the paper beneath—and unlike traditional blades (whether they’re metal or ceramic), slice blades are safe to the touch. We craft our blades from 100 percent zirconium oxide, which is easy and safe to clean. Changing the blades is a snap, with no outside tools needed, although you won’t be changing blades very often; ours last up to 11 times longer than metal blades. Freshen up your kit with high-quality, safer tools from Slice.

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