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Lame per cutter (a punta)

  • The Slice® 10528 Ceramic Utility Knife Blade with pointed tips
  • Utility Knife Blades With Pointed Tips - Features
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  • Slice 10528 Utility Knife Blades  - Compatible Handles
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Le lame per cutter Slice 10528 hanno una punta affilata ideale per i tagli che richiedono una perforazione iniziale. Come tutte le lame di sicurezza in ceramica Slice, le nostre lame 10528 non producono scintille, non sono magnetiche, sono chimicamente inerti, sicure fino a 1600 gradi Celsius e non si arrugginiscono mai. Queste lame sono compatibili con tutti i modelli di cutter Slice.

  • Tipo di lama: di ricambio, a punta
  • 3 lame doppie per confezione
  • Strumenti compatibili: 10477, 10550, 10554, 10558, 10562, 10564, 10585, 10591, 10593
  • Lame a prova di dita che rimangono affilate 11 volte più a lungo
  • Riducono gli incidenti, diminuiscono i costi
  • Non producono scintille, non conducono elettricità, non sono magnetiche
  • Sicure fino a 1600 gradi Celsius
  • Chimicamente inerti, non arrugginiscono mai
  • Sostituzione lama senza l’uso di strumenti aggiuntivi
  • Meno sostituzioni della lama = meno incidenti
  • SKU #10528

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L 65.0 x W 12.0 x H 1.3 mm
zirconium oxide
4.8 g


4.4 / 5
14 recensioni
  • don newsome
    1 year ago
    "A1 product remain sharp a rediculous amount of time"
    0 replies
  • alan weber
    2 years ago
    "Very good blades and should last."
    0 replies
  • Andrew Flynn
    2 years ago
    "Team member testing out the product say the blade dulls fast and doesn't fit well in the hand. We are using the box cutter style. I have some recommendations from my grocery team that if we could make it work, would be a great fit in the grocery industry to prevent cuts from normal blades."
    0 replies
    2 years ago
    "Once again, safety is a main priority for our company and the ceramic blades are awesome"
    0 replies
  • charles magee
    3 years ago
    "Blades did work fine for the material we needed to cut. I do not think any of the tools or blades would have worked well at all if we had needed to cut actual flooring products. Not a knock on your product, though. We were just faced with an unusual situation."
    0 replies
  • omar kamal
    3 years ago
    "it was very good.the blades that i ordered were the right ones"
    0 replies
  • Christy J Beenenga
    3 years ago
    "High quality item - excellent packaging"
    0 replies
  • Larry Longstreth
    3 years ago
    "This product was good for our purpose"
    0 replies
  • Catherine Scott
    3 years ago
    "Sharp enough for the job"
    0 replies
  • Deborah Mahan
    3 years ago
    "I did see above - does NOT cut well"
    0 replies
  • Brigid Marsh
    3 years ago
    "Ceramic blades are working really well as an alternative to craft knives."
    0 replies
  • Tim Sumera
    4 years ago
    "This product is very easy to use, handles well when opening boxes."
    0 replies
    "Items are a little pricing but very safe to use."
    0 replies
  • Don Bartlett
    "Perfect when you need a piercing end. Cuts very well but too fragile for our application. Too bad because I love how safe they are for your hands."
    0 replies

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