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Masterpiece Kit

  • The Slice® Masterpiece Kit: the 10548 Craft Knife, the 10513 Pen Cutter, the 10416 Precision Cutter, the 10519 Pointed-Tip Craft Blade, the 10532 Corner-Stripping Blade, and the 10535 Narrow Double-Sided Chisel.
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 RÉF. #KIT06


You pour everything into your work and you deserve all the options. This complete collection offers multiple blades and handles to translate your vision into artwork you’re proud to display and share. What does every configuration have in common? They all have a safer blade that’s less likely to scratch or damage paper.


For the finest stroke weight, the 10416 Precision Cutter features a micro-ceramic blade. Award-winning colored pencil artists use the Precision Cutter to create the smallest hair details on animal portraits. With this tool’s textured anti-slip control grip, you have complete control over the effects you create.


The 10548 Craft Knife improves on the traditional craft knife with a finger-friendly® blade that’s easy to clean and never rusts. Its cross-hatched grip puts you in control and its handle is weighted for balance and stability.


For wider strokes, the 10513 Pen Cutter uses a thicker blade that can scrape with its main edge, its rounded tip, or the back of the blade. Made from glass-filled nylon, the Pen Cutter’s handle is extremely durable and feels as familiar in your hand as a standard felt marker.


The Masterpiece Kit includes three optional blades for the 10548 Craft Knife: a pointed-tip blade, a corner-stripping blade, and a narrow, double-sided chisel blade. That’s in addition to the rounded-tip blade that ships with the Craft Knife! Experiment with different edges to create amazing textures that inspire your creativity. No matter which blade you choose, it will last up to 11 times longer than a metal blade and will have a finger-friendly edge that’s safe to the touch. 


What masterpieces will you create?


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  • Rosalie Roscoe
    9 months ago
    I am happy with the kit and it works great for whiskers and fur.
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