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Ideal for even the most intricate paper art projects, the Decoupage Kit by Slice® contains essential cutting tools perfect for both the novice crafter and the advanced artist. This comprehensive crafters kit contains cutting tools that are designed to be effective and safer than traditional cutters. Each crafting tool’s blade is made from 100 percent zirconium oxide, a ceramic material engineered to be harder and more durable than metal blades. These ceramic blades are safe to the touch thanks to Slice’s finger-friendly® edge, allowing artists to focus solely on their craft.


The 10417 Retractable Precision Cutter features a micro-ceramic blade that retracts like a pen for safe use and storage. Designed to cut intricate details into thin materials, this cutting tool is an essential part of any paper crafter’s kit.


The 10589 Craft Knife is an extremely versatile tool and features a textured grip for better control. The Craft Knife’s Never Lost™ safety cap is part of the handle that slides out of the way when you’re working and protects your blade when you’re not. We include four craft blades with a straight edge and pointed tip for detailed corner work. Install these easily with no extra tools needed.


An essential part of any crafting kit, the 10546 Pointed-Tip Scissors are ideal for precision cutting and carefully puncturing surfaces. Thanks to their durable composition, these scissors will perform for years to come.


The unique shape of the 10580 Precision Knife provides steady control over your work. Designed with a loop for your finger to fit through, easily cut detailed shapes and designs to create unique pieces.


One of Slice’s original and most popular products, the 00200 Safety Cutter efficiently cuts straight and even lines through thin materials. Originally intended for common household purposes, this cutting tool works extremely well on a variety of paper crafting projects.


With effective and safe blades, each tool in this kit is designed to precisely cut even the thinnest paper, allowing crafters to create intricate, one-of-a-kind projects.

  • Zirconium oxide Slice® safety blades
  • Ideal for scrapbooking, card making, and other paper craft art
  • Durable nylon handles with comfortable grips
  • Finger-friendly® blade cuts effectively
  • Reduces injuries
  • Ceramic blade never rusts
  • Blade edge lasts up to 11x longer than metal
  • Fewer blade changes = fewer injuries
  • Easy no-tool blade change
  • SKUs: 10417, 10589, 10519, 10546, 10580, 00200

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