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Log Cabin Kit

  • Log Cabin Kit
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 RÉF. #KIT11


Perfect for the avid quilter and novice sewer alike, the Slice® Log Cabin quilting kit contains tools essential for quilting and sewing projects. This kit features the 10596 Manual Seam Ripper, the 10595 Self-Opening Scissors, and a four-pack of 10537 pointed-tip seam ripper blades. From simple crafts to advanced projects, you can rely on these cutting tools to ensure the success of your finished product. All blades found within this kit are made from zirconium oxide—a ceramic material much harder than steel—and feature Slice’s finger-friendly® edge. Slice blade edges are engineered to be safe to the touch, allowing quilters to focus on their craft rather than on the risk presented by a sharp blade. 


Expect an easy, exact cut every time with the Slice 10596 Manual Seam Ripper. This seam ripper features a lightweight nylon handle designed for comfortable use. The blade can be fully extended, partially extended, or fully retracted to ensure precision during use and safety during storage. This seam ripper comes with replaceable blades that are extremely easy to replace. A travel-ready seam ripper, the 10596 can be stored in your sewing kit or hung on a lanyard in your craft room so that it’s always there when you need it.


Perfect for arthritic hands or those with dexterity challenges, the Slice 10595 Self-Opening Scissors feature a self-opening design that only requires a gentle squeeze to make a precise cut. By lowering overall muscle effort, quilters can concentrate on their project for as long as they like without suffering from pain or aching. 


Slice blades never rust, require no care, and last up to 11 times longer than traditional steel blades. With a trusted Slice blade in hand, each of your crafts will exude professional quality while retaining that cozy, homemade feel.

  • Ideal for neatly picking stitches, ripping seams, and snipping threads
  • Durable, comfortable nylon handles
  • Seam ripper: Lock blade in place and retract after use
  • Scissors: ergonomic squeeze-only design
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Finger-friendly® blades cut effectively
  • Reduces injuries
  • Ceramic blade never rusts
  • 100 percent zirconium oxide blades
  • Blade edge lasts up to 11x longer than metal
  • Fewer blade changes = fewer injuries
  • Compatible seam ripper blades: 10536, 10537
  • Easy no-tool blade change
  • SKUs: 10596, 10536, 10537, 10595

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