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Scot Herbst

“To make the complex simple. That is design's greatest contribution to an increasingly chaotic world. While with our quiver of tools we make an energetic design mess, all we ask is this: When the dust settles, there shall remain a single, poetic object.”

Scot Herbst - Signature

Scot Herbst solves complex design problems with a signature mix of visual and mechanical simplicity. Sought after by industry leading brands, Scot’s iconic work can be seen in modern furniture, consumer electronics, housewares and toys. He is a retired senior lead designer at Lunar, where he notably developed the HP TouchSmart. He left Silicon Valley so that he and his wife, Amy, could launch KAIKU (“to grow” in Japanese), a design company that reflects their love of modern design and dedication to keeping kids active, healthy and hip. Now with two children of their own, the dad-and-mom design team has positioned their company as an outlet for applying visionary problem solving to meaningful, everyday objects in their own lives. KAIKU inspires parents and families to live thoughtfully by surrounding themselves with products designed and built to last a lifetime.


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