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Recycling Pro Bundle

  • Recycling Pro Bundle
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Box Opener


Ever cut open a package only to have cut the contents inside? It happens to the best of us. With the Box Opener’s shallow cut, whether you’re opening food, new sheets or unmentionables, you can feel confident you’re not damaging anything. Not to mention its ergonomic design minimizes strain and effort on your wrists, even after a long day of unpacking. No maintenance, no rust, no hassle. 


Large Scissors


Finger fatigue from scissors is real. Most of the time, that just means you’ve been using the wrong scissors that haven’t been built for comfort or have simply worn out. Slice’s ceramic scissors are lightweight, exceptionally comfortable and durable. So whether you’re frantically cutting wrapping paper for the holiday season or spending an afternoon doing crafts, these are the scissors your hands have been waiting for. 


Mini Opener


The Mini Opener is just about the size of a key fob, and much like a key fob, its mission is to open things up and make life easier. Slip it into your pocket or magnetically stick it on your fridge, it’s always there for you (it’s also a very small shoulder to cry on). Ambidextrous in design and finger-friendly®, the Mini Opener is everything you can ask for and more.


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